The 99th Divorce Chapter 368

Chapter 368 Her Heart Was Bleeding

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Li Sicheng’s office was very large. In addition to the working area, there were also a lounge and a cloakroom. Lying on the twin-sized bed in the lounge, Su Qianci was checking her Weibo feeds. Seeing the comments, she suddenly felt she was quite the popular woman. With the surging number of fans, she felt excited and asked, “Mr. Li, if I turn myself into a blogger, do you think I would be popular? I have so many fans now.”

Near her, Li Sicheng looked up from the mountain of files. Seeing that she was putting one foot on the bed and the other on the table unladylike, he said with his lips twitching, “Mrs. Li, your image!”

She did not even look up. “No one’s around. This is a good position.”

This is a good position

He suddenly thought of other things that could be done with her position His mouth dry, he stared at her. “It seems that you want to try it out?”

She was dazed. When she looked at him, she suddenly blushed. “Dirty!”

He smiled and was about to say something when someone knocked on the door. He said to his wife, “I will deal with you in a second.” Raising his voice, Li Sicheng said, “Come on in!”

Su Qianci quickly put her feet down and laid down properly. Looking at her boss and her boss’s wife, Cheng You felt like she was disturbing something. Clearing her throat, she said, “Mr. Li, we did it. Tang Zhenghao is meeting with people from Shengfeng.”

“Got it.”

“Luo Zhan said that he found hackers trying to get into your cell phone and computers, which he has taken care of.”

“He chased them away?”


Li Sicheng arched an eyebrow. “That’s not good enough. We must return the favor.”

Hearing that, Cheng You shuddered and asked, “You mean”

“Did you get what I asked for a few days ago?”


“Give it to Luo Zhan and ask him to make it available for them to steal.”

Cheng You looked impressed. “Yes, sir!”

Su Qianci was a bit shocked, but then felt more in awe of her husband.

So wicked! But so amazing!

Seeing her look, Li Sicheng checked his watch. “Are you hungry? Let’s go eat.”

“Yes!” She got up from the bed and ran her fingers through her hair. “What are we having?”

“What do you want?”


“You can’t have something spicy during your period.”

“I could refrain from eating the spicy pot.”

“Can you help yourself?” He glanced at her.

She pouted. “Just the mildly spicy one then.”

“Be a good girl and let’s go have something else.”

Cheng You wanted to weep. As a single person, her heart was bleeding.

“How about McDonald’s?”

“No, that’s junk food”

“Pizza Hut?”

Li Sicheng was speechless. “There is a new congee place near us. I’ll take you.”

“Okay.” Su Qianci felt alright about the decision. “Join us, Cheng You?”

“Nah, you guys go. I will eat alone.” Before lunch, she had been abused emotionally by them. If she were to have the meal with them, Cheng You thought she would probably be mentally disabled. Watching them leave, Cheng You, the single girl, felt heartbroken. After ordering some takeout through her app, she buried herself into work again.

The congee place was not far away. Li Sicheng and Su Qianci were walking side-by-side. Although the rain had stopped, the streets were still wet. After walking for a while, she felt at his hand and whispered, “Mr. Li, someone’s following us.”