The 99th Divorce Chapter 369

Chapter 369 Followed

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“It’s Tang Zhenghao’s people.” Li Sicheng took her arm and replied, “Relax, they are just investigators. We are safe.”

“Are they looking for Tang Mengying?”

“Most likely.”

“You transferred her?”

He had signed the house at Jiang Zhou over to Tang Mengying. If they were to look for her, they should be at the house. Since they had to follow him, they must have found no one at the house.

“Yes, I transferred her to somewhere near our home.”

“No way. Not the house behind ours?”


She took a deep breath. “You’re not afraid that they’re going to look for her there? They are not dumb. Certainly, they know that you own another house next to ours.”

“Danger itself is the best remedy for danger.” He rubbed her hair. “Your man is not dumb either.” She blinked, not understanding what he meant. He leaned closer and said, “They have searched that place and will not go there soon. In addition, I have traps set up in that house.”

“Traps?” Su Qianci stared at him, her eyes wide.

How did he manage to set those up?

“Newly installed. And Rong Rui helped me with it,” explained Li Sicheng.

“So Rong Rui is handy. But isn’t he Tang Mengying’s help? Why would he be helping you?”

“He’s on my side now.”

Su Qianci was even more surprised. “Did you bribe him?” She remembered that this guy had the weirdest temper. She was not convinced that he could be bought.

“Cheng You took care of him.”

“Cheng You?”

Would the two still be together in this lifetime of hers? The more she thought about it, the more likely it seemed. In her previous lifetime, Rong Rui had treated Cheng You with a lot of respect, and their daughter had been very cute. Since Cheng You had been busy at work, he had always dressed their daughter up like a princess. They were truly a happy family.

“Okay, we’re here.” Li Sicheng walked Su Qianci inside. The waiter immediately recognized them and took them into a charming private room. She ordered the seafood congee. Since it was made after being ordered, it took the restaurant half an hour to serve it. She had ordered some snacks during the wait, so she was almost full when the congee was served. However, she found the congee to be delicious and had another one. The lunch took them more than an hour. Since she had too much to eat, she felt a bit heavy and leaned on Li Sicheng. He had to help her out.

They suddenly ran into someone they did not expect to see.

“This restaurant is new, but the chef is great. Since you are here in Kingstown, you must try the specialties here. Otherwise, your trip would not be worth it.” A fat middle-aged man led a tall, strong man inside. The latter was wearing something casual. When he saw Li Sicheng, his eyes narrowed. And then, he glanced at Su Qianci, who was next to him. Noticing his glance, she looked up at him. The man was middle-aged. He looked cold and serious with a pair of eagle eyes. He did not look that way intentionally. It was just his habit. She immediately realized that he was in the military.