The 99th Divorce Chapter 370

Chapter 370 Li Sicheng Has To Be Locked Up

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Su Qianci nodded with a polite smile. The middle-aged man nodded at her, quickly looked away, and followed the fat man.

“You know him?” Li Sicheng looked down and asked.

“No, but he looks familiar.”

“Right. He’s a major general in the Army. His name is Rong Haiyue.”

“Oh I’ve never heard of him. Li Xiao is the only major general that I know of.”

Li Sicheng’s look softened. With a poker face, he teased, “That’s ill-informed of you.”

“It’s only normal that I don’t know who he is– I’m not in that circle,” shei said matter-of-factly. The two of them had walked out of the restaurant as they spoke. They had no idea that Rong Haiyue, who had brushed past them, was still gazing at Su Qianci’s back. When they walked far, he turned back, feeling suffocated. She looked so much like Her. But she was Song Yifan’s daughter

“Mr. Rong Haiyue, the room is ready. Follow me please.”


After stealing that “classified document” from Li Sicheng’s computer, Tang Zhenghao then learned the real strength of the Li group. It was stronger than what he had expected, but the difference was not huge. After learning what his opponent was truly like, Tang Zhenghao, who had been nervous because of Li Sicheng’s “bluffing” for years, became relaxed. He suddenly understood why Shengfeng had chosen the Tang group rather than the Li group. Shengfeng must have learned about the Li group’s strength a while ago.

Since the two partners did not have too much difference, of course Shengfeng would prefer the older brand, which was Tang. After signing the contract, Tang Zhenghao was so happy that he gave bonuses to all his staff. The Tang group was full of joy at once.

Hearing about the update on the Tang group, Li Sicheng commanded, “Execute the plan.”

Although his voice was calm, Cheng You felt like the man was the most dangerous man that she had ever seen. “Yes!”

After joy came sadness. Less than three days after the bonus was received, the Tang group got a shocking message; the first batch of the materials imported from Germany had been seized at customs due to suspicions that toxic chemicals were hidden among them. As the deadline approached, the factory still could not start because of the lack of raw materials. Tang Zhenghao panicked and used all his connections.

At that very time, Mrs. Tang ran into the company and cried, “I found our daughter! I found her!”

Tang Zhenghao should be happy, but his wife’s loud voice made his headache worse. Holding his head, he asked impatiently, “You found her? Where is she?”

“In Yuxiu neighborhood, the house behind Li Sicheng’s. He owns that place as well. Tang Mengying is right there.”

“Really?” Tang Zhenghao sat straight and became emotional. “How did you find out?”

“The private investigators that you hired recorded a video. Since I couldn’t hear Li Sicheng talking, I found someone who knew how to read lips. He said danger is the best remedy of danger. He said that to Su Qianci himself!”

Tang Zhenghao lit up and stood up excitedly. “Hurry! We will get people to find her.”

“No. I want Li Sicheng to go to prison. Now we have all the evidence, I don’t believe he could deny it. The Li family is nothing. Li Sicheng has to be locked up.”