The 99th Divorce Chapter 375

Chapter 375 Make A Few Holes In The Condom

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“That’s not a good thing.” Li Sicheng kept on her nose. “Don’t get too close to that woman. She’s bad influence.”

Su Qianci shrank back and held his hand. “Doesn’t matter. You are the good influence.”

Flattered, he put an arm around her waist and said, “They are at Palace One. Let’s go.” Palace One was located at the center of Kingstown, one of the entertainment properties that belonged to Ou Ming’s family. When they arrived at private room number 888, Ou Ming had a woman in his arms who was singing karaoke with him. It was an old song by Cheung Hok Yau. It was a classic, and both of them sang pretty well. However, Luo Zhan was sitting on the side like a fool.

Seeing Li Sicheng, Luo Zhan was first overjoyed. When seeing his wife following him, he suddenly collapsed on the seat.

Going mad, Luo Zhan cried, “Why did I come here? Ahhhh”

However, no one listened to him. Li Sicheng and Su Qianci sat down. He took a throw pillow and hit Luo Zhan with it. After the song, Ou Ming put down the microphone and walked toward him.

“Qianqian, come and sing!” Yu Lili said. “I remember you to be quite the karaoke queen during high school. Do you know how to sing the song ‘Performer’?”

“Absolutely!” She immediately went over and took up the microphone that Ou Ming had put down. “Let’s do it!” When the familiar melody was played, and the singer’s face appeared on the screen, She was even more excited.

Yu Lili gestured to indicate that she was about to sing first. “Simplicity. Let’s speak in simple terms”

Seeing the two women singing, Ou Ming couldn’t help smiling. He threw a cigarette at Li Sicheng and asked, “Did you eat yet?”

“Not yet.” He took the cigarette and let Ou Ming light it for him.

“All right.” Ou Ming blew a puff of smoke slowly. “We can eat together later.”

Li Sicheng glanced at him and then at Yu Lili. He suddenly asked out of nowhere, “Are you serious?”

Ou Ming bit on his cigarette and had a smile in his eyes. “Yes.”

“Your dad will not agree.”

“I’m the one getting married, not him.”

“You’re just going to disregard him?”

“Can’t I?”

Li Sicheng flicked his cigarette and said ambiguously, “After getting married, it would be different.”

“F**k it. She has been my mistress for three years and we’ve been sleeping together for two years. The difference is just the marriage certificate. What could change?”

Luo Zhan leaned over and listened to their conversation.

“You’re not on her mind, so she will leave you sooner or later.”

Hearing that, Ou Ming became silent. He inhaled deeply, gazing at Yu Lili’s eyes, as if he wanted to take her in with the smoke. He had thought about this, but he was betting on the what-if. What if Yu Lili was willing to settle down with him after getting married and having a baby?

“You should impregnate her first. With the baby, the marriage is much more natural, right?” Luo Zhan leaned in and said.

Ou Ming glanced at him and said, “When I don’t wear a condom, she takes pills.”

“So, if you wear a condom, she will not.”

“Of course, they’ll be unnecessary.”

Luo Zhan sneakily whispered, “Then you could wear a condom that has holes in it.”