The 99th Divorce Chapter 384

Chapter 384 Dont Touch Her

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Li Sicheng heard wind and water. He asked, “Su Qianci?” No reply. He checked his phone and it was the right number. However, why didn’t she speak? “Where are you?” he asked, but still no one answered. The call was disconnected. In a fret, he started to call back, but then he got a message. It was a photo taken at the side of Kingstown River. When the download completed, Li Sicheng saw that a woman was lying down on the bridge. Judging by what she was wearing, it was none other than Su Qianci herself.

Li Sicheng’s pupils shrank, while Ou Ming took a deep breath. Before he said anything, his phone rang again. It was the number from which the text message was sent, a local number. The answered and heard a hysterical voice, “Li Sicheng!” She sounded crazy. The familiar loud voice was terrible as ever.

“It’s you!”

Mrs. Tang laughed. “Are you surprised to see that I have your wife?”

Li Sicheng’s jawline tightened. His face got even colder. “What do you want?” He sounded calm, but his voice still fluctuated a little.

Noticing that, Mrs. Tang laughed even more contently. “You know very well what I want. I have asked for my daughter for so long. I have given you time. You did not return her to me. I had to invite your wife over to educate her.”

Li Sicheng gritted his teeth and gestured to Ou Ming. Years of friendship made Ou Ming immediately understand to arrange people to launch a search along Kingstown River.

“I have sent your daughter to the hospital, Kingstown first Hospital. Where are you? I will send someone to take you there to see her.”

“Ha! You think I would believe you? You sneaky b*****d! I will not fall into your trap again. You know, you’re quite something. Even Tang Zhenghao fell for your tricks. You must be smirking, right? How about now? Come and take your wife home. Come alone, and I’ll give you a huge gift.”

Ou Ming stared his eyes wide and shook his head at Li Sicheng: don’t go! As if he had seen nothing, Li Sicheng blurted out, “Okay, where are you?”

Mrs. Tang quickly told him an address and said, “Come here alone. Do not call the police. I have a lot of men over here. If you call the police, I cannot guarantee what would happen to her.”

“Okay. Give me twenty minutes.”

It was a remote area, and it would take at least thirty minutes to get there.

“Ha ha, you wish. Fifteen minutes. If you’re any slower, I will ask my men to please her well.”


Li Sicheng’s anger exploded like a volcano. However, he had to take a deep breath and say, “Okay, I’ll be there.”

“Don’t come. They have guns!” Screeched a female voice. It was Su Qianci. “Ah!”

Li Sicheng’s heart was in his throat. His calm look suddenly collapsed with her scream. “Don’t touch her!” He lost control and roared, startling Ou Ming.