The 99th Divorce Chapter 385

Chapter 385 Wait For Me

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Li Sicheng’s eyes were bloodshot. As the call was disconnected, he suddenly did not know what to do. Having known him for years, Ou Ming had never seen him like that and felt a bit dumbstruck. Quickly, Ou Ming grabbed his arm and shouted, “Li Sicheng, calm down!”

Li Sicheng’s hands were trembling slightly. Although he did not notice it himself, Ou Ming saw it. Holding Li Sicheng’s hands down, Ou Ming was much calmer than his friend. “Look at me!”

Squeezing Ou Ming’s hand hard, Li Sicheng looked up and said, “Ou Ming, I have to go. Don’t tell my grandpa or anyone else about this. I will be back soon, with my wife!” Then he quickly ran toward the elevator. His mind was completely blank. All he could think about was the time he got: fifteen minutes

Su Qianci cried out loud out of nowhere, which startled everyone around her. The men who were watching her came up and covered her mouth.

Mrs. Tang hung up and kicked her down, cursing, “Little b***h, shut up!”

Su Qianci shrank back and struggled. However, both her hands and legs were tied. No matter how hard she tried, she could not move.

“Be good and I will not do anything to you. As long as your man gives my daughter back, I will try to stop these guys from raping you. How about that?”

Su Qianci’s heart sank. She quickly shook her head and cried, “No, no!”

“Nothing is impossible.” Mrs. Tang used a black gun to tap her face and smiled. “Now you’re frightened? Beg me. Weren’t you arrogant at that house? Beg me, and I might let go of you.”

Su Qianci’s tear fell. She huddled up and bit her bottom lip, staring at Mrs. Tang.

Mrs. Tang sneered, “Stubborn, aren’t you?” Then she asked the guy next to her, “Is Monkey here yet?”

“He’s on the way.”

Smirking at Su Qianci, Mrs. Tang raised the gun and wiped it clean, looking relaxed. “Have you heard of HIV?”

Su Qianci’s pupils shrank. She was terrified.


“So, you know what I have in mind.” Mrs. Tang lifted the gun and slowly loaded it. Pointing the gun at Su Qianci, she suddenly shoved it at her and mouthed, “Boom!”

“Ah!” Su Qianci looked away and burst into tears, her body shaking in terror.

Mrs. Tang and her men laughed together.

Su Qianci gritted her teeth and stop herself from making a sound. Her body shuddering, she gazed at them with her dark eyes.

Mrs. Tang utterly enjoyed her look. She stood up and kicked at her. “What are you looking at, b***h!”

Su Qianci became silent and curled herself into a ball.

“Where is your voice?” Mrs. Tang kicked her legs and waist hard with her heels.

Taking a dozen hits, Su Qianci gritted her teeth and remained silent.