The 99th Divorce Chapter 387

Chapter 387 Hiv

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He is sick with AIDS?

Su Qianci’s face became even more pale. She screamed and moved back, crying, “Get off me!”

Monkey licked his lips and chuckled. “That cunt was horrible. She did not even tell me she was sick. I totally should have worn a condom. I fell sick just like that, and no one dared to hire me again. Hey wait, did you hire me because I’m sick?”

“Otherwise, it wouldn’t be you.”

“Ha ha, now she is worth getting sick over.” Monkey lifted Su Qianci up.

Mrs. Tang immediately held him down and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Getting a room!”

“A room? Do it right here!” A man said and threw a small bottle at him. “Take this and it will keep you warm.”

Monkey became even more excited and rubbed his hands together. “Going wild, are we? Great.” He took the bottle, swallowed the pills, and lifted his shirt.

Mrs. Tang took out her cell phone and faced the camera to them. Su Qianci did not notice Mrs. Tang’s move. She cried in terror and shrank back, begging, “Please don’t. I could give you money. I could get you treated. However much money you ask, I can give it to you Please don’t touch me”

Monkey took the pills which quickly became effective. His eyes were glazed. He untied Su Qianci’s legs.

“Help! Someone help me!” Su Qianci cried in a shrill voice.

She was filled with despair. Su Qianci had never been so frightened before, not even when she had been pushed into water by Tang Mengying. She felt tortured, desperate, humiliated, angry, but most of all, helpless. As soon her legs were untied, her first reaction was to kick, and her leg landed on Monkey’s face.

“Feisty. Me likey!” Monkey chuckled and threw himself at Su Qianci. Mrs. Tang stopped recording and sent the clip to Li Sicheng.

The black luxury car ran on the highway like crazy. Other drivers were frightened to get anywhere close to it. Followed by several traffic police cars, Li Sicheng did not mean to stop.

Fifteen minutes!

Thirty minutes had passed, he was still a bit far from her.

His eyes bloodshot, Li Sicheng was speeding for the first time in his life. It was also the first time he had been in such a rush and even reared by police.

He was about to be there.

“Wait for me. Wait!”

Flooring the gas pedal, Li Sicheng went up to 180 mph. However, that was still not enough For once, Li Sicheng hated the fact that he did not drive a sports car. Could he go any faster? At a crossing, he saw the headlights of a car approaching him and panicked. Braking hard and honking like crazy, he turned the car around. The tires made a huge grinding noise. The driver of the incoming car immediately braked and watched the black Maybach bypass his car and drift into the guardrails.