The 99th Divorce Chapter 399

Chapter 399 I Am Serious Mrs. Li

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“Yes.” Su Qianci walked in and took off her jacket. Getting in the bed, she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Why are you awake?”

Li Sicheng turned around and embraced her, asking, “What did you say?”

“I thanked him, apologized, gave him our phone numbers, and then came back.”

“Okay.” Feeling her forehead, he checked the time. “Are you hungry? Shall we eat something?”

“Not really. I don’t have an appetite.”

“Well then, take your medicine.”

She pouted.

He pecked her on the lips and whispered, “Be good.”

She felt like she was struck by a lightning bolt. He kissed her? How could she let that happen? She covered her mouth and stared at him with wide eyes, her heart racing.

He noticed her behavior and squeezed her nose. “What’s that reaction? It’s not like we have never kissed before.” He got up to get some water. Making sure the water was lukewarm, he took some pills and walked over to her. “You take it.”

Su Qianci’s hands were trembling. When she saw the water he brought, her eyes became red. She stuttered, “Mr. Li, I”

I was raped by someone with HIV. I might have it as well.

“No excuses. Take it.” Li Sicheng put the pills in his palm. “Open your mouth.”

She swallowed her words back again. She took the water and gazed at the pills.

“Do you want me to feed you?” He arched an eyebrow and approached her. “With my mouth?”

No, no!

Su Qianci immediately put the pills in her mouth and swallowed them with water.

“Then go to bed.” He got in the bed and helped her down. The bed was a bit narrow for two.

With so much on her mind, Su Qianci could not fall asleep. Because Li Sicheng had taken a nap, he did not fall asleep either.

“Mr. Li?”


“If one day I am sick with the disease that has no cure, will you still be together with me?”


“What if I got the disease very soon?”


“What if I am about to die?”

Without saying a thing, he raised his face. He had already turned the lights out in the room. Dim light came through the glass door, making his cold and deep eyes look like a galaxy. “Then I will die with you.” His voice was going to resonate for a thousand years in her mind.

Her heart suddenly raced. Her tears fell uncontrollably. She immediately wiped them off, afraid that they were going to fall on him. She sobbed, “Why?”

“We’re husband and wife, silly girl.” Li Sicheng gazed at her deeply. “I have only one wife. Without you, what is the point of living alone?”

Su Qianci bowed her head and put an arm around his waist, sobbing, “Mr. Li, I mean it.”

“And you think I don’t?” He took her into his arms, making her rest her head on his chest. Lying like that, she could clearly feel the vibration of his vocal cords. “I mean everything I said, Mrs. Li.” Last night, when he thought she had been killed, his heart was empty. His only thought was to be together with her If those people did not stop him, Li Sicheng would have plunged himself into water.