The 99th Divorce Chapter 403

Chapter 403 Shocked By Tang Mengying

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Li Sicheng took Su Qianci to Tang Mengying’s room. With an IV drip attached to her hand, she was staring at the ceiling blankly in bed. Noticing someone had come in, her eyes lit up but were still unfocused. Turning her head and seeing the couple, her eyes burned with hatred. She abruptly got out of the bed and pulled the needle out of her hand. Throwing herself at Su Qianci, she screamed, “You bitch!” Her shrill voice could even be heard in the hallway.

Startled, Su Qianci stepped back. Pulling his wife back, Li Sicheng glanced at Tang Mengying coldly and blocked her attack. Then he shoved her away mercilessly.

Holding her belly, Tang Mengying stood up and glared at Li Sicheng. “Li Sicheng, Li Sicheng Ha ha ha You’re finally here!” Then she threw herself at him instead, growling hysterically, “Don’t you dare!”

He quickly stepped out of the room with Su Qianci in his arms, closing the door behind him and grabbing the doorknob tightly.

“Ah! Bastard! Open the door! Li Sicheng, you animal!” Pulling the door with all her strength, Tang Mengying could not manage to open it. She finally gave up. Leaning against the glass door, she glared at them and roared, “come here and kill me! Li Sicheng, you coward!” As she cried, she continued to hit the frosted glass with her palms. Bloody handprints were left on it.

Scared by her, Su Qianci shrank into his arms, looking at the door. The glass was covered in red handprints. Shocked, she grabbed his shirt and cried, “Call the doctor!” Tang Mengying had a C-section, and with her violent moves, her surgical wound was torn open with a gush of blood. Her condition was far from ideal. Su Qianci felt dumbstruck when she saw Tang Mengying being sedated and then pushed into an OR.

“Let’s go home.” Li Sicheng put an arm around her. “Are you scared?”

She shook her head slightly and looked up at him. “Let’s go home now.”

When they got in the car, he received a phone call from the old house. “Yes, she has left the hospital. Okay. How about tomorrow? She is not feeling very well right now. Okay.”

Li Sicheng hung up and said, “Grandpa asked you to go over to the old house, and I declined.”

“Sure.” Su Qianci was not in the mood to go there right now. She lay still in his arms.

When they arrived home, Nanny Rong had made them dinner. She thoughtfully made Su Qianci some light dishes. She ate some of the dishes and felt sleepy. She went to bed, and when she woke up, it was midnight.

Li Sicheng was not in bed. She checked the time and it was 11 PM. She walked out of the room barefoot and immediately saw him making a phone call in pajamas on the balcony. Seeing her, he immediately glanced at her bare feet. He frowned and pointed at her feet, displeased.

She immediately shrank back, closed the door, and went back to bed.