The 99th Divorce Chapter 408

Chapter 408 So Ugly I Cant Even Look At You

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However, she quickly remembered what she read online and asked, “I heard it take six weeks to get the test result.”

Liu Quan looked a bit regretful. Seeing her tears, he rejoiced while trying to look sympathetic. “It might be in the latent period for now, which is why the report has not shown anything yet. However, under your circumstances, you definitely have it. Go home and plan a funeral for yourself.”

She couldn’t help crying. “What should I do? I don’t want to die.”

“There is nothing you can do now. You had sex with him after all.” Liu Quan spread his hands showing that he could not help. “Alright, stop crying. You better go back now and tell your husband everything to find a solution.”

How did she dare To tell him that she was raped and very likely had AIDS? Or did he know already?

After Su Qianci left with a shattered mind, Liu Quan couldn’t help laughing. He picked up his phone and called his sister Liu Anan. Liu Anan quickly picked up, “Hello?”

“Hi, Anan. I just avenged you big time. How do you want to thank me?”

When Su Qianci went back home, she hid herself in the bedroom crying out loud without eating anything. Nanny Rong was freaked out. However, Su Qianci would not open the door no matter how hard she knocked. After God knows how long, she fell asleep. In her sleep, she noticed someone was taking off her clothes. She immediately opened her eyes and caught that hand.

Startled by her sudden move, Li Sicheng helped her up and took her jacket off. “Nanny Rong said you have not eaten?” His voice was deep and mellow, sounding tired after a long trip. It was easy to tell that he had hurried back. It was the fourth day of his business trip.

Su Qianci pursed her lips and her tears immediately fell.

Li Sicheng wiped her tears away and said helplessly, “Why are you crying?”

She dried her eyes with her sleeves and threw herself into his arms, sobbing. He touched her hair and pulled her up. Holding her face, he bent to her and looked her in the eyes. “What’s wrong? Did anything happen?”

She shook her head and gritted her teeth. Even her nose was running. He chuckled and took some tissues to wipe away her snot. “So ugly I can’t even look at you.”

She blushed, looked away, and wiped her face clean before she said, “Mr. Li, I”

“Yes?” Li Sicheng took his jacket off and threw it on the sofa. Leaning in, he gazed at her. “What do you want to say?”

“I” Su Qianci choked and her eyes became red again.

He sighed silently and took her into his arms. “It is so cold outside. Nothing is better than holding my own wife.”

She blinked, and he had already sucked on her lips. The kiss was deepened, and her heart raced. She hugged him back. He pushed her onto the bed and reached underneath her sweater. He breathed heavily.

Su Qianci suddenly thought of something and jerked her head up. She yelled, “No!”

“Well?” Li Sicheng looked at her but continued to take her sweater off.