The 99th Divorce Chapter 411

Chapter 411 Some Treats

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“When I woke up, I was having a terrible fever and hurting all over,” Su Qianci said sullenly. “In addition, you we did it for so long, so I was hurting down there as well. How can I tell whether it was you or someone else?”

Li Sicheng asked,“How is this my fault?”

“It is your fault!” she growled, staring at him. It seemed that she was about to cry again if he did not agree.

He chuckled and quickly said, “All right, my fault, it is my fault.”

What a perfunctory answer!

She looked away and couldn’t help smiling.

He leaned in and gazed at her, whispering, “You’re no longer crying?”

She looked away, avoiding him. He approached her again, trying to get a kiss. She turned her head away again. His next try was still unsuccessful. He stopped trying and kissed her neck instead, making her let out a yelp.

“I’m burning here.” Li Sicheng grabbed Su Qianci’s hand and reached down. “I have starved for so long, and it’s time for some treats, Mrs. Li.”

“Wait a second.” She gave him a push. “When I passed out, I felt someone was taking my clothes off. I’m sure that it was not a hallucination.”

He paused and said calmly, “I think it was probably Rong Haiyue.”

“Him? Taking off my clothes?”

“Yes, he saved you from drowning and took off your sweater and jacket. He was injured at that time.”

Although she was slightly upset. She knew that it would be much easier to save her without the weight of the drenched clothes. “I see” Su Qianci understood. “He saved me.”

“I know.”

She quivered under his touch. Hekissed her lightly and said in a husky voice, “In Chinese New Year, we will go to the capital and thank him in person.”

“Okay Ah Don’t touch it”

“What about here?”


Li Sicheng pulled her pants down and took her shirt off as well as his own. Su Qianci felt a bit chilly and put the blanket over him. Shrinking back under the blanket, she was reminded of something else and asked, “Where is Tang Mengqing now?” Tang Zhenghao had embezzled his company’s money and run away; Mrs. Tang was in the prison; Tang Mengying was miserable; and where was Tang Mengqing?

“She’s living with my uncle’s family.” His skin against hers, he said, “She’s good friends with Weiya.”

“I see”

“You’re thinking about someone else now? Huh?” He folded her legs up and teased her.

Su Qianci still felt incredulous. She pushed him away and asked, “Are you sure about what you just said? I was not”

Li Sicheng removed her hand and thrusted. Leaning forward, he whispered, “You were not, but will be.”

She moaned. Hearing his reply, she shoved him away. “You’re terrible!”

“Don’t you enjoy it?” Li Sicheng asked, pushing it all the way through.

“No ah”

Slamming it into her harder and harder, he sucked on her earlobe and purred into her ear, “You don’t mean it.”