The 99th Divorce Chapter 415

Chapter 415 When Did You Two Hook Up

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Seeing his opponent team having the fifth kill, Luo Zhan bristled and almost smashed his cell phone. “Damn the winter vacation! All my teammates are primary school students. You are ruining my status!”

Throwing his gaming cell phone away, Luo Zhan picked up his other cell phone which was ringing and yelled, “Hello!”

Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes and asked in a dangerous tone, “Where are you?”

Luo Zhan immediately became quiet and said, “Home.”

“I’m at a congee place near your place. Come down.” A command instead of a question. Very Li Sicheng.

“Night snack?”


“I’ll be right there.” Luo Zhan put down his cell phone and quickly put on a jacket and left.

When Li Sicheng hung up, he found Su Qianci was also on the phone. She said, “Hello, Yihan?”

Lu Yihan? Li Sicheng felt slightly upset. Pursing his lips, he gazed at her.

Su Qianci blinked and continued to ask, “Where are you?”

Lu Yihan was jogging when he got the call. Panting, he asked, “I’m jogging. Everything okay?”

“I am at the congee place near you. Come here if you have a second. I have something to tell you.”

“Okay.” Lu Yihan checked the surroundings. “Give me 10 minutes.”

“All right. See you at Room 88.”

“Okay, see you.”

Lu Yihan hung up and started to run again, much faster now. At the congee place Su Qianci told him about, Lu Yihan stopped, adjusted his breath, and then walked in. At the door, he was bumped into from behind. Lu Yihan almost fell forward. He turned around and saw a guy with a gray hoodie with the hood on. His hair was a bit messy under the hood. The guy apologized to Lu Yihan, “Sorry, so sorry.”

Lu Yihan glanced over and found the guy to be familiar. He suddenly looked weird. “It’s you?”

Luo Zhan also recognized Lu Yihan. He was wearing a navy sports suit, and his sneakers were the latest navy Jordan. He looked rather good!

“A complete coincidence!” Luo Zhan quickly waved his hand. “Why are you here so late?”

A coincidence?

If someone else said that, he might have bought it. This guy Lu Yihan had a bad feeling about him since the first glance. He turned around and decided not to pay him any attention. Lu Yihan asked the waitress, “Where is Room 88?”

“This way please.” The waitress led Lu Yihan down the hallway. However, Luo Zhan immediately followed them.

Lu Yihan felt a bit bothered, stopped walking, and said impatiently, “Why are you following me?”

“Well, I happen to be going to Room 88 as well. Why didn’t you say you are following me? Nonsense!” Luo Zhan scoffed and brushed past him to push the door open. “Brother, why did you call me so late?”

Li Sicheng was peeling a shrimp for Su Qianci in a slow and elegant manner. Seeing Luo Zhan and Lu Yihan appearing together, Li Sicheng chuckled teasingly, “When did you two hook up?”

Su Qianci almost spat out the shrimp she just ate. Covering her mouth with a napkin, she looked shocked.