The 99th Divorce Chapter 418

Chapter 418 A Fight Between Men

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Luo Zhan stumbled to Lu Yihan and put an arm around his shoulder. Lu Yihan laughed mercilessly. “You can’t even stand straight. What the heck is the point of a showdown?”

“You’re the one who is Wobbly.”

“Let’s go now. I need to get some sleep after beating you.”

“I will beat you in a second, I’m telling you.”

“Right back at you!”

As the two guys stumbled out together, they smelled of alcohol.

Su Qianci looked at the two of them, worried. She gave Li Sicheng a push and said, “You did that on purpose. They were drunk in the first place. Go have a look!”

“Nothing to be looked at. It’s just a competition.” He did not care at all. “You’re full? Shall we go home?”

Su Qianci gave him a stare and caught up with Luo Zhan and Lu Yihan. The two guys were already out of the restaurant, supporting each other. It was a bit cold outside, and she had left her jacket in the private room. Feeling chilly, she stuck her head out and found the two guys had disappeared. She walked around and found the two of them were lying in the grass. Luo Zhan was on top of Lu Yihan.

“Are you Okay?” Su Qianci let out a yelp and helped him up.

Although he was drunk, Lu Yihan recognized her voice. He opened his eyes and got up. Shaking his head, he chuckled at Su Qianci. “Qianqian”

“You’re drunk. I will take you home.”

“No!” Luo Zhan yelled and kicked Lu Yihan. “We haven’t competed yet Do you want to run away? Co coward”

Lu Yihan bristled and kicked back. “Get up. Let’s do it. Let’s go right now.”

She pulled Lu Yihan back and said, “Yihan, stop. You should go home.”

“No, Qianqian, you don’t understand. It’s a fight between men.” Lu Yihan waved his hand.

“That’s right. This is a fight between men!” Luo Zhan got up and grabbed Lu Yihan’s hand. “Don’t run. Let’s go.”

“I did not f**king run. Go.” Lu Yihan was pulled in the direction of Luo Zhan’s home.

Seeing the two guys were leaving, Su Qianci shouted, “Li Sicheng!”

There was no response. Su Qianci ran toward the congee place and found Li Sicheng walking out slowly with her jacket.

She walked up and said worriedly, “Hurry. They are leaving.”

Taking a glance, he said absentmindedly, “They’re in the right direction, so they could make it back.”

She bristled, “Something bad might happen with the two of them together!”

“They are both grown men. What could possibly happen?” He squeezed her face. “Relax, both of them are straight.”

Lu Yihan even had a crush on Su Qianci, so he was definitely straight. And Luo Zhan should be straight as well.

She glanced at him and said, “I’m not worried about that, but afraid that the two of them might be too drunk to get home.”

“Then let’s find out by following them.” Li Sicheng squeezed her nose. “I’ll go get a car.”

“All right.”

Li Sicheng quickly drove her to follow them. Seeing the two of them entering Luo Zhan’s neighborhood, Su Qianci felt relaxed.

“Mrs. Li, let’s go home.”

She nodded.