The 99th Divorce Chapter 420

Chapter 420 Barely Alive

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Seeing that, Luo Zhan scuffed. “There are clothes in the closet. Put something on and get lost!”

Lu Yihan walked up, opened the closet, and immediately smelled something rotten.

Lu Yihan almost wanted to throw up. His first reaction was to close the closet. Holding back the urge to beat Luo Zhan up, he gritted his teeth, “Can’t you live like a human being?”

Luo Zhan rolled his eyes. “Suit yourself. I value my outfits a lot.”

There was no heating system in the South. With the rain, the temperature had dropped. Shuddering, Lu Yihan threw himself on the bed and grabbed the blanket.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing? I ain’t no gay,” Luo Zhan cried.

Lu Yihan was much stronger than him, so he managed to cover himself with the blanket, which warmed him up immediately.

Luo Zhan was wearing no shirt. Feeling Lu Yihan’s cold skin, he decided to let him have the blanket in case the guy was frozen to death, in which case he would be accused of negligence. Luo Zhan opened a drawer next to his bed to get another blanket. He then wrapped himself up in the blanket and searched the wardrobe before he threw some shirts at Lu Yihan.

Getting warm, Lu Yihan then picked up those clothes. Seeing the tag was still on, he laughed and said, “You are ruining such expensive clothes!”

“You don’t want them? Give them back!” Luo Zhan said and reached out a hand.

There was no way Lu Yihan would give them back and simply pulled one on. However, it was a bit short. The pants were slightly short too. Lu Yihan stood up and stood next to Luo Zhan. Lu Yihan was 6’1″, slightly shorter than Li Sicheng, but definitely on the tall side. However, Luo Zhan Lu Yihan looked down at him. “Are you even 5’5″?”

“F**k off! I am 5’8″!” Luo Zhan threw a punch at him, and Lu Yihan ducked. “Any jacket? It’s freezing.”

“I don’t have a new jacket!”

“An old one will do.”

Lu Yihan picked the clothes up and walked out. The second he walked out, Lu Yihan almost passed out smelling the odor. His brows knitted, Lu Yihan could not begin to understand how the person became a hacker. He was barely alive!

Walking around, Lu Yihan concluded: take-out for all meals, laundry cycle longer than a week, personal care products going to expire– almost full with dust covered. He could not even look at it

Lu Yihan’s head hurt even more. Glancing at the clothes he was wearing, he reluctantly started to organize things. He first threw all the laundry into the washing machine, and then started to clear out the living room. After working for more than two hours, he had done three loads of laundry and completely changed the living room. Satisfied with what he had done, Lu Yihan opened the bedroom door and found Luo Zhan to be asleep.

He scooped up everything in his closet and clipped off all the tags before throwing everything into the washing machine, disregarding the material. After putting all the laundry on the drying rack, Lu Yihan left a note: I did it to pay for the clothes. No need to thank me.

Luo Zhan woke up in the afternoon. It was past 3 PM. Seeing the note on the nightstand, Luo Zhan disregarded it and went to the living room to find a T-shirt. However, he found his place was extraordinarily clean. Luo Zhan could not even imagine that his dog den could look like this. The mountains of laundry were gone. His table, sofa, and floor were literally shining. Oh my god, was this man really a guy?

“Such a perfect housewife!” He thought. A cold breeze made him shudder. Unable to find anything in the living room, he went to the bedroom and found his closet was empty as well. It suddenly occurred to him that he had nothing to wear except for the pair of shorts on him. “Dammit, must I go nude?”