The 99th Divorce Chapter 421

Chapter 421 Need My Wife To Warm My Hands Up

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This year was colder than normal. Wearing a coat, Su Qianci was learning how to make dim sum from Liu Sao. The next day was Chinese New Year’s Eve, and dim sum was used to honor ancestors. Qin Shuhua also came to help. As she taught Su Qianci, she told her the precautions of the holidays as well. She was listening carefully, and there was very good rapport.

Song Yifan had just come back from London. He immediately came to the old house to visit. Hearing that Song Yifan was back, Su Qianci notified Qin Shuhua happily and ran to the living room. Seeing Song Yifan and Li Sicheng sitting together, she called, “Daddy.”

Hearing that, Song Yifan’s heart was melting. He waved at her, “Qianqian, daddy brought you a gift.”

She was even more surprised. She quickly walked up and sat next to him, looking at him taking out a wrapped gift happily.

“Thank you, daddy.” As a grown-up as she was, it was the first time for her to get something from her dad. Holding it full of pleasure, she smiled brightly.

Feeling slightly jealous, Li Sicheng could not say anything, seeing how happy Su Qianci was. He asked quietly, “aren’t you going to open it up to see what daddy Song got you?”

Su Qianci would not let go of the gift and said, “I will open it up tonight.”

Song Yifan chuckled and ruffled her hair. “Come to hometown with daddy in a few days?”

“Your hometown?”

“Yes. I’ve told my mother, your grandma about you, and she is very eager to see you.”

“Where is it?”

“Dan City.”

“Wow, it’s so far away.” Su Qianci blinked, her eyes glittering in excitement. “Are we going to drive there?”

“Yes, it takes about three hours.”

“Okay,” she said happily and looked to Li Sicheng. “Mr. Li, let’s go?”

“Sure.” It was rare that she was so excited, so he would not turn her down.

Getting a yes from her husband, she was even happier. She asked Song Yifan, “Let’s celebrate the Chinese New Year here then. Tomorrow is Chinese New Year’s Eve. Shall we go to Dan City after the dinner?”

“I can’t. I have to celebrate with my mother. I will come and pick you up the day after Chinese New Year.”

“Oh.” She was a bit disappointed. “You’re coming back? That’s not necessary. He can drive us there. We have the GPS. Just give me the address.”

“Yes, it’s more convenient this way.” Li Sicheng waved at Su Qianci. “Come over here.”

“What for?” Although she asked that, she had already walked over.

He took her into his arms. “It’s a bit cold. I need my wife to warm my hands up.”

She blushed and nudged him lightly. “Stop teasing.”

“For real. Feel my hands if you don’t believe me.”

She felt his hands and found them to be a bit cold. She put his hand into her pocket. He smiled and held her tighter.

Slightly embarrassed, Song Yifan said with a reluctant smile, “Not a nice thing to do in front of a forever bachelor.”

“You will get used to it,” Li Sicheng said briefly, not feeling embarrassed at all.

Su Qianci felt quite ashamed, on the other hand.

“All right, then it’s a date. I will send you the address later. Now I must go find Ximing to go back to Dan City together.”