The 99th Divorce Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Mrs. Li Do You Want To Starve Me

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Su Qianci’s got up with a blush. “I will walk you out.”

“It’s fine. Stay inside. It’s cold, and the baby should not suffer the cold.” Song Yifan waved his hand and walked out with his briefcase.

When Song Yifan was gone, Li Sicheng could not help pawing at her. She flicked his hands away and warned in a low voice, “We’re still in the living room.”

“Let’s go to the bedroom then.” He stood up and put her on his shoulder, walking back to the bedroom despite her complaint.

With a blush, she hit his back and reminded him, “My belly!”

He paused and looked sullen. He entered the bedroom, locked the door, and placed her on the bed. Kissing her on the cheeks, he gritted his teeth. “Shouldn’t have got you pregnant so early.”

She chuckled and kissed him back on the lips. “Now we have to wait a few months.”

“Two months!”

“Nine! The baby is less than a month old.”

“Two. I have a green light in the second trimester.” Li Sicheng bit her and said, “Just two months to go, Mrs. Li.”

Su Qianci blushed and looked away. Holding her and planting kisses on her face and neck, he carefully avoided putting any weight on her belly. She pretended to be indifferent but failed in less than two minutes. She pushed him away. “Stop that.”

“Without anything to eat, can’t I just kiss you?” he complained sullenly. “Mrs. Li, are you trying to starve me?”

She pushed his face away and sneered, “After so many years, didn’t you always survive starvation?”

“When I was younger, I did not know anything. Now I know how to hunt.”

Hearing that, she chuckled and flipped over. “I’m tired. Play with yourself.”

Li Sicheng was depressed. He was burning, while the fire extinguisher was on a strike. What a tragedy! She took her jacket off and lay down. He followed her and got underneath the blanket, holding her tight.

He was being good in the beginning. While she was half-asleep, she felt his hands were all over her. She quivered when her breast was squeezed. She hit his hand. “Behave.”

Li Sicheng stopped moving. However, in a while, she felt something was stiffening behind her butt. She wiggled and found it got bigger.

“Hey, leave me alone!” She bristled and flipped over. “I am really tired.”

Noticing that she was upset, he said, “You sleep tight. I will not go all the way.”

Su Qianci did not say anything. This was even worse than going all the way.

He embraced her and kissed her on the cheek. “My bad. Don’t be mad. Close your eyes.”

She did not want to sleep anymore and reached down to squeeze his member lightly.

“Hsss” He sucked in some cold air and gazed at her. She was lying with her eyes closed, while her hands were moving gently. He held her hands down. She blushed more and pretended to bristle, “just this once!”

“Yes, ma’am! Hsss Reach under those pants, will you?”