The 99th Divorce Chapter 423

Chapter 423 Dangerous Brother In Law

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Su Qianci blushed even more, unbuttoned his pants and reached underneath. Li Sicheng stuffed her hand inside and instructed her. She blushed and closed her eyes. At the critical moment, someone knocked on the door. She wanted to take her hand back quickly, but he stopped her.

“Almost.” Li Sicheng moaned and held her hand He growled and finished off. He wiped himself clean before he went to open the door. Someone he had expected. She also got up and looked out.

Standing at their door was a young man of about 25 years old. With short hair and bronze skin, he looked healthy and handsome. His features resembled Li Sicheng’s, but Li Sicheng looked cold and quiet, while this guy looked dangerous, sharp, and arrogant. He was quite tall, even a bit taller than Li Sicheng, and much more muscular. On such a cold day, he was only wearing a tight black tank top, showing off his bulging biceps. Li Sicheng blinked. When seeing him, the young man whistled and said, “Long time no see, brother.”

Su Qianci walked over and was impressed by the guy’s look. “Brother-in-law.”

“Sister-in-law, you look gorgeous.” Li Jinnan curled his lips. His smile was brilliant.

It was the first time for Su Qianci to receive a compliment from a guy this age. She blushed and said, “Thank you.”

With a sense of crisis, Li Sicheng pushed his younger brother out mercilessly and shut the door. Su Qianci blinked and looked at him, puzzled. Grabbing her arms, he warned her in a low voice, “Don’t let him seduce you. Although he is good-looking, he’s a dangerous guy.”

Su Qianci smiled. “He’s your younger brother!” However, she knew for a fact that Li Jinnan was a dangerous person. Captain Li was a general, and the generation of Li Beixing, Li Sicheng, and Li Jinnan were the third-generation in the military. Except for Li Sicheng, they all joined the Army. Li Beixing was a Colonel. However, when Li Jinnan got several honors in Xinjiang and became a major, he had retired from the Army. In Su Qianci’s previous lifetime, it was about the right time for Li Jinnan to share the news with his family. Su Qianci had no idea what Li Jinnan had done later. He had barely come back home, so it should not be anything good.

Facing the closed door, Li Jinnan touched his nose. Qin Shuhua walked out and was overjoyed to see him. “Li Jinnan, when did you come back?”

With a smile, he asked, “Mom, did you miss me?”

Qin Shuhua was excited. Looking up and down, she complained, “You lost weight. But you seem taller now. Is the life in Xinjiang difficult?”

“No.” Li Jinnan glanced at his brother’s bedroom door with his hands in the pockets. “My brother and sister-in-law seem very sweet together.”

“Well, their relationship is rather complicated. It’s good at times. You are wearing too little. Put the jacket on now. Aren’t you cold?”