The 99th Divorce Chapter 424

Chapter 424 Fresh And Exciting

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“Not really.” Li Jinnan put an arm around Qin Shuhua’s shoulder. “Where is grandpa?”

“In his room. Come, I will take you to see your father.” When Li Jinnan was about to be pulled away, Li Sicheng’s door opened again. Seeing Li Sicheng, Li Jinnan was in no hurry to see grandpa. He stopped and said, “Brother, the old spot.”

Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes and walked ahead. “Let’s go.”

When Su Qianci came out, she saw the two brothers leaving. Looking at Qin Shuhua, she asked, “Mother, what are they doing?”

“Who knows? The two of them always have a secret. They’re both grown men now.” Qin Shuhua let out a sigh. She seemed to be reminded of something and waved to Su Qianci. “Come and look at the children’s clothing your aunt mailed from overseas. I will bring them here.”

“So soon?”

“Not really. We need to ask your grandpa to come up with a name for the baby.”

Su Qianci felt a bit awkward. “It’s not even a month old”

“Better be prepared. Come.”

Li Jinnan gave Li Sicheng a cigarette and smoked one himself. Li Sicheng’s look was a bit complicated as he looked at his younger brother. “Have you decided?”


“It’s not easy to have achieved this. Are you absolutely sure?”

“I have submitted the application already.” Li Jinnan blew some white smoke. “I can’t go back now.”

Li Sicheng scuffed and punched him on the shoulder. “Dad will break your legs.”

“He could do that. And he could take my legs away.” Li Jinnan smiled like a next-door boy and a hooligan at the same time. “You’re on my side at least. I could learn from you and take the punishment. A few days in the hospital would be enough.”

“It hurts a lot.” Li Sicheng let out a sigh. “It is your decision, but it is a shame. Many people cannot achieve what you have achieved all their life.”

Hearing that, Li Jinnan knew that Li Sicheng agreed with him. Moving his hand away, he passed the cigarette and said, “This life is not what I want.”

“Do you want to make something of your own?”

“I don’t have any plan yet. But I’m not going back to the military for sure. It’s utterly boring.”

Li Sicheng patted him on the shoulder with sympathy and admiration. “Then think it through before you talk to grandpa and dad.”

“I will do that after the Chinese New Year and enjoy the last few days.” Li Jinnan curled his lips and punched Li Sicheng on the shoulder. “Come with me to a party tonight, definitely fresh and exciting.”

“Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year’s Eve. We should stay at home to keep grandpa company. You’re not staying for very long anyway.”

“No, we have to go tomorrow. And you as well.”

“I must stay with your sister-in-law.”

“Take her as well.”

Li Sicheng glanced at him and asked quietly, “What party?”

“A gambling party.” Li Jinnan lowered his voice. “I have no money.”

Li Sicheng did not speak. That was what he was thinking! Li Sicheng turned around and decided not to answer him.

When they went back into the house, Liu Sao was already preparing dinner. Qin Shuhua and Su Qianci were sitting on the sofa, playing with a bunch of little things. Children’s clothes and some toys.

Li Jinnan teased, “Mom, didn’t Qianci just get pregnant? You’re way ahead of yourself.”

“What do you know, bachelor? Go get yourself a wife first.”