The 99th Divorce Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Too Obvious

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Li Jinnan immediately shut up. Li Beixing returned home soon as well. After chatting for a while, the three brothers sat down for dinner. Captain Li was overjoyed. “It’s been a long while since we last get together. This is so nice! I have been expecting great things from you guys since you were kids. Now look at you, every one of you are successful. Li Sicheng did the best with the incoming baby. Hahaha, Qianqian, when did the doctor say your due date is?”

Su Qianci was embarrassed. “Not anytime soon, Grandpa.”

Captain Li laughed, and so did the others. After dinner, she showered and went to sleep. Pregnant women were always sleepy. Without taking a nap earlier, she quickly fell asleep. The next morning, she heard fireworks everywhere. People started to honor their ancestors.

Qin Shuhua took Su Qianci to a lot of places to do the ceremony and visit all kinds of relatives. After an entire day, her smile had become stiff. When she returned home, she took off her shoes and fell asleep on the bed. Liu Sao had gone home to celebrate the holiday, so the chores were their jobs now. She wanted to take a nap and then get up to help, but she overslept.

When Su Qianci got up, Qin Shuhua had finished all the housework and prepared the big meal. Su Qianci blushed and stuttered to explain to Qin Shuhua. She had thought that Qin Shuhua would accuse her for being lazy, but Qin Shuhua only said, “it’s quite all right. That’s what pregnancy does to you. You must be tired today.” Qin Shuhua’s change was so sudden that Su Qianci felt a bit confused. She quickly helped with the utensils.

When the family was having dinner together, the older generation gave out red envelopes, and the favors were then returned. Grandpa was overjoyed. After dinner, Li Jinnan asked Su Qianci cheerfully, “Sister-in-law, do you want to hang out with me?”

Su Qianci was a bit surprised. In her last lifetime, Li Jinnan had never talked to her, let alone ask her to hang out with him. She unconsciously looked at Li Sicheng. Looking at his younger brother, Li Sicheng was displeased and said, “go away.”

“Brother, I don’t believe Qianci has been there either, right? I will just show her around.”

“Where?” Su Qianci felt quite bored at home. In addition to eating and sleeping, her whole life was filled with family activities. Li Jinnan was an interesting person, so he must mean it when he said it was fun.

“A casino.”

Hearing that, Su Qianci’s eyes lit up.

Li Sicheng felt helpless as he whispered, “The casino is a complicated place. And there’s nothing fun about it.”

“Brother, not true. You used to be a frequent visitor there, right? Could it be possible that you have an ex-girlfriend there that you don’t want my sister-in-law to meet?”

Li Sicheng, “it is too obvious that you’re trying to come between us.”

Su Qianci chuckled and held his hand. “I really want to go. I have never been to a casino before.” Well, she had not in this lifetime. In her previous lifetime, Tang Mengying had tricked her to go there twice. It was indeed a lot of fun. Hearing Li Jinnan’s suggestion, Su Qianci was tempted.

Li Sicheng gave Li Jinnan a stare. Under Su Qianci’s pleading look, he had to agree, “all right.”

However, no one could have foreseen the upcoming accident.