The 99th Divorce Chapter 427

Chapter 427 Dont Even Dare To Fart

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Li Jinnan was betting against that person in a fancy suite. He walked in and saw several guys drinking and smoking.

Seeing Li Jinnan, they looked back. The gangster guy among them was the most arrogant. He was wearing a gold chain thick as a finger and a heavy fur coat, sucking on a cigar thick as a thumb. “Boy, you really have some nerves to come here alone.”

Without a word, Li Jinnan poured the chips on the table and threw the box out. He looked gloomy as he asked, “Cut the crap. Where is the thing?”

“Hey, what’s the hurry? I said that the thing is worth 50 million, but I don’t care for money. As long as you could beat me in gambling, you could have it back. But why did you get these chips?” He had a look and then said, “How many million is this? It must be far less than 50 million.”

Li Jinnan’s face darkened as he struck the table. “It is worth at most 20 million. Are you kidding me?”

“I get to decide how much it is worth.” The gangster guy blew out some smoke and spread his hands. “You could choose to leave. Take your chips and get lost.”

“Ha!” Li Jinnan scoffed. “What do you want to play?”

“Five-card stud.”

“What if I win and you don’t admit it?” Li Jinnan said gloomily.

“I am quite famous in the business and will not go back on my words. Otherwise, who would trust me again? Right, boy?”

It should be fine theoretically, but this Old Jin was too wicked for Li Jinnan to trust him completely. Fortunately, he had help.

“I met old Mrs. Jin recently.” Hearing the steady voice, everyone looked to the door. A tall man slowly walked in and said quietly, “She was very well and continued to say how nice and sweet her son was. Do you think your mother would believe me if I told her what you have said?”

“Li Sicheng?” Clearly, Lao Jin recognized him. Although this guy was not in his circle, Li Sicheng was so often on the news that everyone would show him some respect. Lao Jin’s mother Mrs. Jin was one of them most famous old artists in the country. Because of her bad health, she rarely saw any visitors. A while back, for some reason, she helped Li Sicheng with the design of a piece of jade, which demonstrated how important Li Sicheng had become. Even Lao Jin looked at Li Sicheng differently. He did not expect to see Li Sicheng here today.

Li Sicheng nodded. “It’s me. I’m wondering what kind of trouble Mr. Jin has with my brother. Could we fix it together?”

“This is your brother?” Lao Jin sneered, “That’s why he is so reckless and rich.”

Li Jinnan’s expression changed as he warned, “Watch your tongue.”

“What? Don’t dare to admit it? A few days ago, when you took your girl to bully mine, you were much more daring than you are now. Trying to buy me off with a few million. How rich! Now what happened? Seeing your brother, you don’t even dare to fart.”

Li Sicheng’s face darkened. Looking at Li Jinnan sharply, he asked, “What happened?