The 99th Divorce Chapter 429

Chapter 429 Mind Game

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Su Qianci nodded and immediately lit up. “Yes, I haven’t lost even once tonight.”

“You know you should have switched these cheap chips for more expensive ones.People will of course approach you seeing you have so many.” Then, Li Jinnan took over the basket and walked Su Qianci to the private suite.

Lao Jin was indeed good at what he did, since he had made his fortune by gambling.

In just three hours, Li Sicheng had already lost more than 20 million. Since it was past 10 PM, he should send Su Qianci back to sleep. Although he was sitting at the game table, Li Sicheng couldn’t help thinking of Su Qianci. Seeing her walking in, he finally calmed down and waved at her. “Come here.”

Su Qianci walked over. Looking at the chips on the table and then the chips in her basket, which was probably less than 5 million, she asked, “What are you playing? It seems the bet is huge.”

“Five-card stud. Do you know how to play?” He held her hand calmly.

“Sure!” She rubbed her hands together, looking surprised.

“Play for me.” He stood up and pressed her down. He was having bad luck, very bad.

“Hey.” Lao Jin felt reluctant. “Is it appropriate for your woman to play for you?”

“It is my money anyway. What do you care?” Li Sicheng glanced at him.

Lao Jin arched an eyebrow and spread his hands. “I’m fine with it. Since I’m playing with a lady, I must be a gentleman. You could speak first no matter what cards we have.”

“Oh, okay.” Su Qianci put her hands on the table, her fingers tapping in excitement. “Deal!”

Lao Jin thought Su Qianci was almost like a kid. For someone as mature as Li Sicheng, why does his wife look so young? Despite his thought, Lao Jin had no interest in gossips. He waved his hand and the dealer had acted.

Su Qianci’s upcard was 8 in hearts, while Lao Jin’s was K in spades. The difference was obvious.

She glanced at her other cards and said, “You said I could speak first. I will bring in half a million.”

Lao Jin’s men laughed and Lao Jin himself the loudest. “You do not know the rules. The minimum is a million.”

“Alright then, 5 million.”

Lao Jin’s smile froze. He glanced at her expression. She still had a smile on her face, same as just now.

Checking his cards, Lao Jin said, “I’m in.”

The dealer dealt again. Su Qianci raised her bet each time. In the end, the chips were piling up on the table, and both sides were betting 30 million. Su Qianci’s up cards were 8, 9, 10, J in the same suit. Lao Jin had three Ks and a Q in spades.

She smiled and looked up. “Darling, how many more chips do we have?”

Li Sicheng did not even check her card before he said softly, “More than 20 million.”

“All right. Can I go all in?”

“Of course.”

Li Jinnan was thrilled. “Sister-in-law, is it a straight flush? Impressive!”

Su Qianci waved her hand. “Just being lucky. Then I will go all in. Mr. Jin, how about you?”

Lao Jin’s expression changed. Seeing her content smile, he started to calculate.

His last card was K, so it would be four-of-a-kind. There was no chance that she would beat him unless she had a straight flush.