The 99th Divorce Chapter 431

Chapter 431 Well Done

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Su Qianci looked at him sympathetically and revealed her hole card.

Li Jinnan almost jumped. Even Li Sicheng couldn’t help grinning. Rubbing her hair, he whispered, “Well done!”

Looking at Su Qianci’s hole card, Lao Jin saw the 10 in spades and his breath quickened. “F**k!” Sitting down, he panted and waved his hand, “Again!”

“I’m done.” She yawned and leaned against the back of her chair. “I’m very sleepy now. Give us the thing back and we will go home.”

“You want to leave after winning?” Lao Jin’s face darkened.

Hearing that, Su Qianci argued, “Of course. Do I have to leave after losing? Look at the time. I’m pregnant, and you don’t want to be held accountable for depriving my baby of its sleep. Are you trying to eat your own words? You said you would give it back if we win.”

Seeing her look, Li Sicheng was reminded of the unruly Su Qianci before they got married. In the past, she was unreasonable with her loved ones, while now, she was fighting others with her temper which felt nice.

Lao Jin was speechless.

Li Jinnan stared at him coldly. He reached into his leather jacket and took out a gun. Caressing it, he warned, “I wanted to play with you honestly. Don’t push me.”

Seeing that, Lao Jin’s men became worried as they whispered, “What should we do? Are we really giving the jade back to them?”

Seeing the gun, Lao Jin was a bit pale. “Did I say that I’m not giving it to you? What are you doing?”

“Then hand it over and cut the crap!” Li Jinnan looked unkind.

Lao Jin took a deep breath before he took the piece of red jade off his neck under the fur coat and threw it at Li Jinnan.

Shocked, Li Jinnan caught it and checked that it was intact. Then he let out a sigh of relief.

“Let’s go,” Li Sicheng whispered.

Li Jinnan nodded. “You guys go first.”

He’s afraid that they were going to sneak attack?

Lao Jin scoffed, “I’m not that despicable.”

Li Jinnan chuckled. “Don’t overthink it. I’m only taking our money. You asked for 50 million, and now you could count 50 million and take it. The rest is ours.”

Lao Jin was even more upset. At his command, his men went up to count.

Su Qianci yawned and checked the time. It was about 11 PM. No wonder she was tired Li Sicheng took her downstairs and asked the doorman to drive the car over. After waiting for 10 minutes in the car, Li Jinnan was still nowhere to be seen. Su Qianci asked worriedly, “Why is he not showing up? Go have a look.”

“All right. Wait for me in the car.” Li Sicheng kissed her on the cheek and walked out.

After several minutes, Su Qianci could not bear to stay. That Lao Jin did not look like the good guy. What if something bad happened? She called Li Sicheng and found his phone was powered off. It was most likely dead. She did not have Li Jinnan’s number. She walked out of the car toward the Star City.