The 99th Divorce Chapter 432

Chapter 432 I Am Capable Of Killing You

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The moment Su Qianci walked on the stairs, she heard people screaming. Someone with a cap and mask quickly ran out. She could only see his eyes. When the guy saw her, he gazed at her briefly before running ahead. However, people started to gather around him.

Several people in casual clothes were holding guns, yelling, “Freeze, police!”

The guy stepped back, but he was surrounded by the plain clothes officers. Everyone was running, afraid they were going to become casualties in the crossfire. And Su Qianci was no exception.

However, she was the closest to him in the crowd. He came over and grabbed her hand, yanking her close. She screamed in terror. “Don’t touch me. Let go!” A sharp knife was placed in her face. Her first reaction was to struggle.

“Don’t move!” His voice was muffled behind the mask and broken by his panting. However, she felt it was somehow familiar. “I will not hurt you if you play along.” His voice was so low that only the two of them could hear it.

She became quiet, but her heart was still racing. Biting her bottom lip, she found herself shuddering.

“Go away! Or I will die with her!” The guy roared.

Walking out with Li Jinnan, Li Sicheng immediately heard the noise. Having a bad feeling, he walked up and saw his wife being held hostage. His heart almost stopped. With his complexion pale, he walked up and said calmly, “don’t be impulsive. She is my wife, and I am Li Sicheng. You should know me.”

Glancing at Li Sicheng and then Li Jinnan, the guy tightened his grip on Su Qianci and stepped back. “Ask them to let me go. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee what I would do.”

Pale and nervous, Li Sicheng’s eyes were extraordinarily calm. “Okay. Listen to me, she is pregnant right now and could not take any risks. If she or the baby is hurt, you should know that I am definitely capable of killing you.”

The guy sneered. “Of course. Li Sicheng, who doesn’t know you? However, I’m not the one who’s endangering your wife, these cops are! Ask them to go away.”

“Didn’t you hear him? Move!” Li Sicheng roared. “Let him go!”

“Move!” An officer cried. “The priority is the safety of the hostage.”

The cops silently moved back. A policewoman gritted her teeth and said reluctantly, “it’s not the first time for this person to smuggle and sell drugs. It took us a lot of work to catch him red-handed”

However, Li Sicheng’s dangerous look made her swallow her words. The criminal stepped back with Su Qianci in his hands slowly and steadily. He looked back from time to time in case anyone jumped him. Checking the surroundings, he was very cautious.