The 99th Divorce Chapter 434

Chapter 434 My Baby Great Grandson

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When they got home, the Chinese New Year Eve Gala was playing on the TV. Qin Shuhua, Li Xiao, Li Beixing, and grandpa were playing mah-jongg.

Seeing Li Sicheng carrying Su Qianci inside, they looked over. “Hush” Li Sicheng glanced over and carried Su Qianci to the bedroom.

Captain Li checked the time and found it was past 11 PM. He grunted and gave Li Jinnan a stare. “What did you do?”

“We went to have some fun. Li Sicheng took me.” Li Jinnan spread his hands. “You know I always listen to him.

“Not true. Jinnan took us.” Su Qianci had walked out, yawning. “Jinnan, you’re terrible!”

His scheme revealed, Li Jinnan immediately lowered his head under Captain Li’s gaze. “Grandpa, my bad.”

Grandpa sneered, took a tile and pushed his tiles forward. “Hahahaha”

“Grandpa has great luck!” Li Beixing put more money on the table.

Grandpa took what he won with a huge grin. The countdown began on TV. Grandpa stopped playing and cried, “Hurry, where is Sicheng? Beixing, Jinnan, take out the firecrackers. It’s midnight!”

Li Beixing said, “Grandpa, firecrackers are no longer allowed in Kingstown. Have you forgotten?”

Grandpa was dazed and then became upset. “A dumb rule! No firecrackers for Chinese New Year? What kind of holiday’s that?”

“Let’s watch TV and go to bed, grandpa.” Li Sicheng walked out and stood still next to Su Qianci. He checked the time and said, “it’s 00:02. Aren’t you tired? You usually go to bed at 9 PM.”

“I was waiting up for you guys!” Grandpa stared at them. “We could have celebrated new year together as a family, but you guys went to play and took my baby little great-grandchild with you. Without seeing you home, how can I sleep?”

Su Qianci was a bit embarrassed and reminded him, “not born yet, grandpa.”

“Only more than eight months away. Well, I must think of a great name for him or her.” Grandpa slowly went to his bedroom with his cane.

“Good night, grandpa.” Li Sicheng said.

The response was the door being shut.

The next day was the Chinese New Year. According to the tradition, on this day, people should not do laundry or call other people’s name from afar. Arousing someone from sleep was also forbidden. The result was that Su Qianci slept until 10 AM.

Li Sicheng was gone. She rubbed her eyes and washed. When she was ready to go out, he happened to be back. Seeing her coming out of the bathroom, his first reaction was to check her feet. Great, she was wearing her shoes.

“Why didn’t you sleep more?” He opened the closet and got her a winter dress.

She took it over and said, “you think I’m a pig? Sleeping all day?” She took off her fluffy pajama top and put a bra on.

Her fair skin made Li Sicheng a bit dizzy. Trying to look away, he overestimated his self-control. Feeling helpless, he said, “I found you are getting more and more comfortable.”

Su Qianci looked back, puzzled.