The 99th Divorce Chapter 435

Chapter 435 We Are An Old Couple. No Need To Be Shy

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Li Sicheng helped her put on the winter dress and whispered, “you used to blush when I looked at you. And now you’re changing in front of me. Raise your arms.”

Su Qianci blushed and raised her arms. She smiled and said, “we’re an old couple. No need to be shy.”

He straightened her dress and zipped her in. Hearing the phrase old couple, he couldn’t help smiling. After getting the dress on, she reached for a pair of stockings. While she was putting it on, she found him staring at her. She couldn’t help blushing again. Throwing her pajamas at him, she bristled, “don’t look!”

“You just said old couple.” He squeezed her nose. “So fickle!”

She looked away, put on the stockings, and then her jacket. Pulling her hand, he said, “Mom’s waiting for you. Let’s go.”

Qin Shuhua was sitting in the living room chatting with Li Xiao and Li Beixing. Li Jinnan was not up yet. Seeing Su Qianci, Qin Shuhua immediately stood up and said, “Come here, Qianci. I will introduce the relatives to you.” There were a lot of relatives.

After making a tour around the neighborhood, Su Qianci was introduced to all kinds relatives and got dozens of red envelopes. Li Sicheng also drove them to some relatives who lived farther. After an entire day, she was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm. She was treated to all kinds of dim sum and tea, not having a meal in the whole day. When she went back home, she almost collapsed. After having a good night of sleep, Su Qianci was woken up by Li Sicheng the next day.

Following the tradition, she was supposed to go to her maiden family on this day. Which was naturally the Su family. Since she did not even talk to that family, she felt upset that she must spend a day with them. She talked to Li Sicheng about it, and he simply said, “then we will not go.”

“Well Can we do that?”

“Sure we can. I will let them know. You have another maiden family anyway.” He kissed her and said. “Today we will go to Dan City.”

Su Qianci was almost dying of happiness. She nodded with a smile and locked her arms around his neck. “Fantastic.”

Seeing her so happy, Li Sicheng whispered, “kiss me.”


“Then I’ll kiss you.” Then he sealed her lips and plunged his tongue past her teeth. She closed her eyes and let him, while she tightened her arms around his neck. Li Sicheng called the Su family and said they would not go visit. Then, he drove Su Qianci to Dan City.

Initially, she did not have nausea or get carsick. However, this time, for some reason she had puked several times during the three-hour drive. When they finally made it to Dan City, the crisscrossing roads proved to be confusing. After searching for a long while according to the address Song Yifan gave him, Li Sicheng finally found the place. But the problem was that the street was so narrow that the car could not even enter. After finding an underground parking lot, he then took his wife to look for his father-in-law’s house.

However, they ran into someone they did not expect to see.