The 99th Divorce Chapter 436

Chapter 436 I Came To See Your Parents

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When seeing them, Rong Rui looked surprised as well. “What are you doing here?”

Su Qianci glanced at the gift boxes Rong Rui was carrying and teased, “Are you here for Cheng You?”

Su Qianci knew that Cheng You was also from Dan City. So did Li Sicheng. Seeing what Rong Rui was bringing, he knew she was probably right. He arched an eyebrow and looked left and right. “Does Cheng You live near here?”

Rong Rui blushed slightly and cleared his throat. “Who says I’m looking for her? I’m only here to see some relatives. Leaving now.”

Rong Rui walked fast. Looking at his back, Su Qianci was reminded of her previous lifetime. She remembered that when Rong Rui pursued Cheng You in her previous lifetime, it had been crazy

Waiting at the door of their daughter’s room, Cheng You’s parents could not get her to open the door. Cheng You’s mother yelled to Cheng You’s father, “Look at the Yang family next door. Their daughter had a boyfriend when she was 22. And now they are married and have a kid. She’s only 24 this year. Your daughter is already 26. Why aren’t you worried?”

Cheng You’s father was not interested in this topic. However, after Cheng You’s mother threatened him with money, he had to join her. Hearing his wife out, he said confidently, “well, she takes after me and looks beautiful. We don’t care.”

His mother gave him a stare and continued to cry, “You don’t have a boyfriend despite your good looks. Making your parents worried about your marriage is a crime!”

When Cheng You’s father was thinking about what to say, the doorbell finally ran. His eyes lit up. He immediately got up and said, “I’ll go get the door.” His wife knew what he was doing and glanced at him contemptuously before she continued her speech.

Cheng You’s father opened the door and saw a handsome guy. When he saw what the guy had in his hands, he was discouraged. “Are you a salesman?”

Rong Rui smiled, looking like a gentleman. “No, uncle, I’m here to see Cheng You.”

Hearing what he said, Cheng You’s father thought he must be going deaf. “Who did you say?”

“Cheng You.”

He immediately jumped and yelled, “sweetheart, someone here for Cheng You! A handsome young man!”

Hearing the phrase “the handsome young man,” his mother immediately dashed over. Overjoyed to see Rong Rui, she asked, “Are you here for our daughter? Come on in!”

Then she immediately dashed back to Cheng You’s bedroom. Hitting the door, she exclaimed, “Cheng you, someone’s here for you. Get up!”

After working hard for an entire year, Cheng You finally got a chance to take a few days off and sleep in. However, the duet of her father and mother woke her up. With her hair messy, Cheng You opened the door in wrinkled pajamas and growled, “Stop it! Ah! Can’t I have some sleep?”

With his hands full of gifts, Rong Rui saw Cheng You and his calm look cracked a little. Cheng You was dumbstruck to see him. Arching an eyebrow, he said calmly, “I’m here to visit your parents.”

Cheng You stared her eyes wide, looked down at herself, and immediately shrank back, closing the door behind her.