The 99th Divorce Chapter 437

Chapter 437 A Villain In Disguise

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Cheng You stared with her eyes wide, looked down at herself, and immediately shrank back, closing the door behind her. After closing the door, she immediately went into the bathroom. Seeing what she looked like, she wanted to kill herself.


He saw her. What should she do? Her messy hair, her dark circles, her pale complexion, her She was so embarrassed! Why did this guy pick this time to come here? Didn’t he need to celebrate the Chinese New Year? Wait a second Visit her parents? What? Did he say that he was here to visit her parents? What the hell!

Her heart raced, and her cheeks burned up. After quickly washing and combing her short hair, she picked out a nice top and pulled on a pair of jeans. Then she thought a pair of jeans might make her look like a tomboy. After staring into the mirror for a few seconds, Cheng You took the jeans off and put on a dress that her mother thought was elegant. Walking up to the mirror, she saw the bottle of Chanel fragrance her mother bought for her

The more she prepared, the faster her heartbeat became. Cheng You put her hands on the doorknob and felt weird as she was about to open the door. Why did she care so much anyway? Why did she give a f**k about this guy? Dammit! In a fret, Cheng You opened the door and walked out.

Her mother was treating Rong Rui to some tea. As they talked, her smile was very vivid. Seeing Cheng You walking out, her mother was impressed, and so was Rong Rui. However, Cheng You did not mean to let them appreciate her beauty. She simply walked over and yanked Rong Rui up. “Leave now!”

Rong Rui was pushed toward the door. Cheng You picked up the gift bags he had brought and pushed him out.

Her mother was shocked. “Cheng you, what are you doing? Rong Rui is our guest, and you are being rude!”

Her dad nodded, “That’s right.”

Cheng You disregarded them and pushed Rong Rui out. Rong Rui’s eyes darkened and stood still. No matter how she pushed him, he did not budge. With her face flushed, Cheng You failed to get him out and bristled, “Mr. Rong Rui, I’m sorry but you’re not welcome here.”

Rong Rui looked at her, puzzled. “What did I do wrong?”

“You did nothing wrong. It’s just you’re so ugly that I don’t want to see you here.”

“Ugly?” Her mother quickly came over. “The young man is very handsome and polite. Never mind her. Come on in.”

Cheng You was upset. “Mom? You don’t know who he is. He’s a bad person.”

“How is he bad? Tell me.” Her mother argued. “Rong Rui is a great kid. Why do you have to say that?”

“He’s basically a villain in disguise. This is a show. He is a great actor. I’m telling you that he will sell you out any time.”

“I think we need to talk.” Rong Rui said calmly. “We must have some misunderstanding, like last time at the airport”

Before he finished, Cheng You put a hand over his mouth and cried, “talk! Yes! Let’s talk elsewhere!”