The 99th Divorce Chapter 438

Chapter 438 Taken To Bed

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With a smile, Rong Rui held her hand and put the gifts back on the floor before taking her out. Seeing that, Cheng You’s mother immediately looked at her husband and whispered, “you think our daughter likes him?”

He replied matter-of-factly, “of course. Have you seen her acting this way before?”

“Very well!” She was overjoyed. “I will prepare some dishes to treat my future son-in-law.”

Seeing that, Cheng You’s father pouted and muttered, “way too early now”

Cheng You was pulled downstairs by Rong Rui. She wanted to take her hand back, but her strength was no match to Rong Rui’s.

“Let go!” She bristled.

As if he had heard nothing, Rong Rui hailed a taxi and pulled her into the car. “To Yijing Bay.”

Hearing the destination, Cheng You was dazed and looked at him, growling, “let go of me! What are you taking me there for?”

“We are going to talk. And that is the only place I know here.” Rong Rui’s voice was very calm. Feeling the drivers weird gaze, Rong Rui continued, “in addition, it’s not like we have never been there before. Didn’t you have a good time last time?”

The driver finally continued to drive.

Feeling embarrassed, Cheng You struggled and growled, “get away from me. You b******d!”

“Young man, if she’s not willing, don’t cross the line here,” the driver said.

Rong Rui glanced at the driver and said, “I’m just trying to buy her dinner and say sorry. She’s overthinking it.”

Cheng You finally became quiet. Looking at her hand which was hurting under his grip, she stopped struggling.

The driver pouted but said nothing. Very soon, they arrived. Rong Rui paid the taxi fare and pulled Cheng You out.

Yijing Bay was the only five-star hotel in Dan City. Last time he was in the city, Rong Rui had stayed here.

At that time, she picked him up from the airport and checked him at this hotel. He asked her, “have you ever had a boyfriend?” She shook her head. “What do you think of me?” She blushed and stepped back. But later, for some reason, she was lured into his bed. That was her first time, and she cried in pain. After they were done, he smoked and said seriously, “don’t worry. I will take the responsibility.”

In fact, Cheng You had never thought of that. When Tang Mengying was giving birth in the hospital, she was simply trying to ask him about the video, while his words made her hate him. He said, “I will look after you. Don’t worry.” how funny!

Cheng You was taken into the elevator, feeling complicated. Seeing that he had pressed 13, she panicked. She immediately pressed a random number and cried, “Rong Rui!”

Rong Rui glanced at her and then firmly pressed the “8” which was lit up by her until the light went off. The elevator went up to the 13th floor, and Cheng You was taken to room 1318.

It was the same room as last time. Struggling, Cheng You was taken into the room by Rong Rui. As soon as they were alone, Rong Rui pinned her against the wall. “Have you forgotten? I will refresh your memory.”