The 99th Divorce Chapter 439

Chapter 439 Please Dont

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Feeling the warmth of his breath, Cheng You’s heart raced.

“You put on makeup and perfume for me.” Rong Rui inhaled deeply. “And you said you don’t like me?” His voice was a bit low, like a feather tickling her heart.

Cheng You blushed more and more. Crouching down, she said, “My mom bought it for me. It’s the first time I’ve tried this perfume.”

“Oh The first time for me. Quite meaningful.” Rong Rui leaned in and stopped her from bending her knees. “I’m sure the second, third, and many times after that will all belong to me.”

First time Cheng You pushed him, but he did not budge.

“Rong Rui, you are funny. You can’t get Tang Mengying, so now you are badgering me? Is it a game for you? Or are you trying to get close to me to use me against my boss?”

Rong Rui’s look finally changed. He suddenly grinned, showing his gleaming teeth. He said ambiguously, “You could think that.”

Cheng You felt suffocated. Her guess was one thing, and his confession was another. Cheng You could not pretend that she did not care about being used. She gritted her teeth and hit her head against his chin. “Go to hell!”

Caught off guard, Rong Rui held his chin and stepped back. Cheng You took the chance to push him away, opening the door. Rong Rui looked mad and yanked her back, pushing her down to the floor. She fell on the carpet and let out a scream.

He crouched down and held her hand. “Cheng You, I mean it. Marry me, anytime.”

She was so angry that she laughed. Kicking her legs, she sneered, “I’m sorry, but I have no intention to marry a pervert.”

“A pervert?” He chuckled and threw her on the bed. Taking his jacket off, he said, “Miss Cheng, I could be a worse pervert than you think. Have you heard of SM?”

She rolled on the bed. Hearing his words, her heart was in her throat. Rolling and crawling, she brought herself to the door. She had witnessed how bad Rong Rui could be. When he was working for Tang Mengying, he had no limit. She had thought that Rong Rui was somewhat Li Sicheng’s person, so they would be on the same team now. However

She felt upset, and her eyes became wet. Seeing the door getting closer and closer, she was pinned down to the floor by Rong Rui. His chin knocked on the floor, and she let out a scream in terror and pain. Bursting into tears, she cried, “Please don’t Please let me go, Rong Rui”

Seeing her tears, Rong Rui’s cruel look disappeared completely. In a fret, he helped her up and pretended to say, “You called me a pervert, so I will show you what a pervert does.”

With that said, Cheng You cried even harder.

Holding his forehead, Rong Rui got up and threw a bunch of tissues on her face. “Shut up!”

Cheng You wiped her face dry. She shrank back, afraid that he was going to approach her again.