The 99th Divorce Chapter 440

Chapter 440 Must Be Xuans Daughter

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“Go away!” Rong Rui waved his hand.

Cheng You was dazed. What does he mean?

Seeing her being dumbstruck, he growled, “Leave, now!”

Cheng You then brought herself to feet and ran out. However, she discovered that she did not have any money on her. Was she going to walk back?

Although it only took them less than 20 minutes to get here by taxi, this time would definitely double if she walked. After hesitating for a while in the hallway, Cheng You did not go back to ask Rong Rui for money and walked back. When she got home, it was more than half an hour later. Cheng You looked into the mirror in the hallway. Her chin was slightly blue. But if she did not look up, it should be invisible. Cheng You adjusted her posture before pushing the doorbell. The minute the door was opened, Cheng You saw the face that she had just sworn she would never see again in her life.

Seeing her, Rong Rui smiled and called, “mother, father, Youyou’s back.” Hearing how he addressed everyone, Cheng You was petrified

Su Qianci and Li Sicheng still had not found Song Yifan’s home. They had to call him. When Song Yifan got them, it was 20 minutes later. Song Yifan’s home was a medium-sized house. The decorations looked very traditional. Different from the old house of the Li family, the family house of the Songs was more plain.

In the living room, ancestors, God of Fortune, Buddha, and all kinds of deities were being honored with burning incense. Made out of peach wood, the set of furniture looked seasoned. An old woman with long, gray hair was sitting there, wearing a gold ring, a gold bracelet, and a gold chain with a jade pendant. She seemed to be in her 60s or 70s. Her eyes were white-ish.

Noticing their arrival, she turned around and asked overjoyed, “Are you back?” Standing up, she tried to walk to them.

Song Yifan walked up and helped her sit down again. “Mom, sit down.”

Su Qianci and Li Sicheng walked in and called, “grandmother.”

The woman was overjoyed. Looking at Su Qianci, her smile became stiff. “This is”

Su Qianci blinked, looking to Song Yifan.

“Wait up!” She seemed to be reminded of something and immediately walked into her room. Before long, she walked back with a framed photo in her hand. Looking at the photo and then Su Qianci, her eyes became red. “Xuan! You must be Xuan!”

“Grandma, I’m not”

“You have not changed a bit after so many years! But how did you have the heart to leave my son? Did you know how he had spent his years?” She sobbed and looked at Li Sicheng. “Who is this?”

Song Yifan quickly came over and said, “Mom, you’re mistaken. This is my God daughter, Su Qianci. I told you about her. This is her husband, Li Sicheng.”

She looked at the photo and compared it to Su Qianci. “You are so much alike. You must be Xuan’s daughter, right?”