The 99th Divorce Chapter 441

Chapter 441 Rong Rui Had Died

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Song Yifan pursed his lips, looking at Su Qianci. Yes, she must be Rong Xuan’s daughter. If Su Qianci was not her daughter, then how was it possible that they looked so much like with their ages matching the assumption? But, so what? She was not related to him after all Su Qianci was Su Qianci. Song Yifan was Song Yifan. Although she called him daddy, they both knew very well that they were not related. Her daughter was not his. Feeling a bit sad, Song Yifan comforted his mother, “she might be. Mom, sit down.”

Hearing his son’s words, she sat on the chair and gave Su Qianci the photo. Su Qianci took the photo over and found it to be a group photo of four people. Grandma was sitting on the chair, and a girl was standing behind her with a gorgeous smile, wearing a colored hat. Young Song Yifan was standing on her left, and young Sheng Ximing on the right. They were all about 20 years old. So, they used to look like this. Su Qianci looked at Rong Xuan in the middle and linked her to the arrogant woman she had seen at the hospital.

Are they really the same person?

“Back in the days, Xuan passed out on a hill, and Yifan saved her and brought her back.” Song Yifan’s mother remembered. Her voice was cold and low. “And that time, she was only 18. She had great skin and great looks.”

Sitting on the chair, Su Qianci heard her and unconsciously grabbed Li Sicheng’s hand. He put a hand on her shoulder without speaking.

“Dan City had different name at the time. Danxin Town, it was. We were poor at the time. Song Yifan’s father did not agree to take her in, because she was an extra mouth. However, Yifan begged him. She told us then that her name was Rong Xuan. Her voice was sweet, and her face was pretty. She even had two dimples. She said she had no parents and only a brother, who had died already. She ran away from her hometown because there was a plague there. She did the housework every day and was very hard working. I was not healthy, and she looked after me. I got better and better, and gradually, my husband accepted her. Later on, she was together with Yifan. Both my husband and I were thrilled” She paused and looked to Su Qianci. “Xuan, why did you suddenly disappear? Do you know that Yifan looked for you madly?” Her old eyes were filled with tears, accusation, and blame.

Su Qianci shrank back uncomfortably and said, “Grandma, I I am Su Qianci.”

“Mother, she is Su Qianci, not Xuan. Xuan has passed away.” Song Yifan looked to Su Qianci and explained, “Grandma’s old and has poor vision and Alzheimer’s.”

“Oh” The old woman nodded. “We held a wedding for you two in the town, and my husband invited everyone. At that time, you left and ruined our reputation in the town”