The 99th Divorce Chapter 442

Chapter 442 What Is The Relationship Between Rong Xuan And Rong Haiyue?

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“His dad is the only music teacher nearby. He played the piano and violin. I was also a local lady. We were respected in the town How nice it would be if Xuan had never come to us” She regretted it. “I had treated her like a daughter for three years. Three years– even if I had a dog, the dog would show me gratitude. However, she left like that, on that day, giving us a slap in the face!” Then she hit her chest painfully.

Song Yifan was startled and quickly stopped her. “Mom!”

His mother was covered in tears. “It hurt! It was like a slap in the face, hurting after so many years! What have I ever done to her? She left a note and disappeared. I don’t even know if she’s still alive. I hate her!”

Seeing her crying, Su Qianci also felt sour. She tried to wipe away the old woman’s tears with a tissue.

The old woman suddenly reached out and grabbed Su Qianci’s hand, calling resolutely, “Xuan!”

Su Qianci was shocked, shuddering. Li Sicheng immediately took her into his arms and went to remove the old woman’s hands.

However, Song Yifan stopped him and slowly shook his head.

Terrified, Su Qianci said, “Grandma, I am Su Qianci, not Xuan.”

“Right” She said. Her look became gentle. “Call me grandma again. That’s very nice to hear.”

“Grandma” Su Qianci called her timidly.

With a smile, she caressed Su Qianci’s hair. “Good girl, grandma is going to cook for you. Is he your boyfriend?”

“He’s my husband. We are married.”

“Oh Married. Yifan’s daughter is married. Old, I am old now” She muttered and stood up. “I’ll go cook.”

Song Yifan pinned her down and said softly, “Mom, we will go to a restaurant. Nanny Yang went back for the holidays. Let’s go out and eat, shall we?”

“That’s a waste of money. Your father would’ve scolded you.”

“It is the holidays. Just this once, all right?”

Song Yifan’s mother glanced at him and complained silently.

“Let’s go, mother, I’ll take you.” Song Yifan held the old woman’s arm, walking slowly.

Watching their backs from behind, Su Qianci felt a bit sad. The family became this way because of Rong Xuan. Without her staying here, Song Yifan must have married, and Sheng Ximing would not have suffered. Su Qianci had not mentioned seeing her a while ago to anyone, but now, she wanted to say it.

After lunch, Song Yifan put his mother to nap and then walked out. Su Qianci said directly, “I saw Rong Xuan a while go.” Song Yifan was cleaning teacups. Using pincers to hold a cup, he heard Su Qianci’s words and the cup fell on the table.

It was oddly fine. That was how Song Yifan was feeling as well. With a smile, he continued his work and said, “How is that possible? She’s dead.”

“It was really her. When I was in the hospital, I went to visit Mr. Rong Haiyue” Su Qianci suddenly paused. “Wait, Rong Xuan, Rong Haiyue, what’s the relationship between them?”