The 99th Divorce Chapter 443

Chapter 443 Rong Xuans Body

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“Rong Haiyue?” Song Yifan frowned. “Sounds like a celebrity.”

“Major General,” Li Sicheng said.

“Right, I’ve heard of his name.”

“Their family name was the same, and they appeared in the hospital at the same time. Are they brother and sister? Did you say that Rong Xuan had a brother?” Su Qianci asked.

Song Yifan shook his head. “Impossible. She had stayed in my family for three years. During that time, she had never mentioned her brother. In addition, there are many people with that family name. It is probably just a coincidence. And you are likely mistaken.”

“No, no way!” Su Qianci was sure. “I even talked to her. She asked me not to call her that and said it was disgusting.”

Li Sicheng glanced at her and asked, “are you sure?”


Li Sicheng took the phone out and called Luo Zhan. Luo Zhan was of course sleeping at this hour. Getting Li Sicheng’s call, he threw the cell phone away impatiently. However, the caller did not give up. Luo Zhan bristled and was ready to pick up and curse. Seeing Li Sicheng’s name, he shuddered and picked up immediately, “hello?”

“Could you look into Kingstown second hospital Su Qianci, when did you see her?”

“The day when I No, the second day after I was checked in”

“Look at the surveillance footage on the 15th and 16th. Look for a woman that looked like Su Qianci.”

Luo Zhan scratched his head, put on slippers, and walked to the bathroom. “Brother, it’s the holidays. Can’t I take a break?”

“I will pay you the same.”

“All right, right away.”

Li Sicheng was quiet.

Su Qianci said,“she was wearing something special. An emerald coat with a green qipao underneath, very elegant. Her hair was pinned up like the 30’s style.”

“You heard that?” Li Sicheng asked.

Luo Zhan said, “I got it. How long do you have?”

“I need the answer as soon as possible.”


Luo Zhan hung up, washed, and started to work. He hacked the surveillance system of the hospital and looked at the days Li Sicheng had indicated. Indeed, he found that person. It was as if he had seen Su Qianci herself. Disregarding the age difference, they were almost like twin sisters. Luo Zhan immediately edited the footage into a video and send it over to Li Sicheng. He felt quite amazed. There were really two persons looking so similar in the world?

When Li Sicheng received the video, it was more than an hour later. Song Yifan took the couple to see some famous sights at Dan City. Since the sites were all packed, they looked from the outside. Su Qianci saw the video and immediately recognized her. “That’s right. It’s her! Look, daddy!”

Song Yifan was dumbstruck to see Rong Xuan. He zoomed in again and again until the pixels were huge. It was her! It really was her! Song Yifan would recognize Rong Xuan’s face any time. However, how is this possible? Wasn’t she dead? At the Shiwan Mountains, the medical examiner was absolutely certain that the dead body belonged to Rong Xuan after the DNA test. However, why did she appear a recent surveillance footage?