The 99th Divorce Chapter 444

Chapter 444 A Scheming Man Like Rong Rui

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Li Sicheng called again. “Find out about this woman ASAP. I need everything you can find, address and identity!”

“Right away.”

Song Yifan was no longer interested in showing them around, which Li Sicheng could tell. Su Qianci happened to feel a bit tired, so they went back together. However, they met people they did not expect to see. And two at a time.

When Cheng You was forced to have a date with Rong Rui by her mother, she was super reluctant. Rong Rui must have hypnotized her parents while she was walking home miserably! Her mother was almost obedient, and even her father who she thought would be less corruptible was completely bought.

With her mother staring at them from afar, she had to play along despite her reluctance. Holding her hand, Rong Rui deliberately walked very slowly. Noticing her being nervous, shy, and reluctant, he was oddly happy.

She had a forced smile on her face as she gritted her teeth and whispered, “walk faster. Ditch my mother!”

He glanced at her and said calmly, “your mom wished to see you with a boyfriend, and she thinks that I’m the right guy.”

“The right guy my a**! My mom doesn’t know who you are, but I do. You are scheming, and she is setting her daughter up.”

“I’m scheming. But I’m scheming for you.”

Hearing that, her heart raced. She wanted to take her hand back, but he squeezed it tight. His hand was big and a bit rough. She clearly felt his warm skin, blushed, and looked away. “Ha, I’m not stupid.”

Rong Rui caught her slightest change. He smiled. “It’s okay. You can choose to be one in the future. I will not leave you for that.”

Cheng You bristled and kicked him. “Hurry! Is your zodiac sign a turtle?”

“Hush. Your mom saw that.” Rong Rui pointed in the direction of her mother.

She turned around and saw her mother casting a blaming looked at her. She forced a smile toward her mother, turned back, and said bitterly, “Please walk faster. I’m in a hurry to pee.”

“Well, you used that excuse less than 10 minutes ago.”

She glared at him. “I have a terrible bladder. Do you have a problem with that?”

He grinned, showing his gorgeous teeth. He was quite good looking But unfortunately, he was a pervert! She lamented and looked ahead, seeing Su Qianci waving at them. Next to Su Qianci, there was a tall man.

Seeing Cheng You and Rong Rui together, Li Sicheng seemed to be a bit surprised and rather interested. She felt she was struck by a lightning bolt. Her first reaction was to get rid of Rong Rui’s hand. However, his grip was tighter than she had thought. He did not move at all!

Seeing Li Sicheng and Su Qianci, Rong Rui walked up, pulling Cheng You along. “What a coincidence. You’re also here at the Dan City.”