The 99th Divorce Chapter 445

Chapter 445 How Fast

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Cheng You was mortified. She wanted to cover her face, but the couple already saw her. With an awkward smile, she greeted, “hey, Mr. and Mrs. Li”

“You are” Li Sicheng pointed at them, glancing at their holding hands.

“Yes, we are together now,” Rong Rui said with a smile and raised their hands.

“Who’s together with you? Shameless!” Cheng You bristled. Her face was flushed as she tried to wriggle free from him. “Let go!”

He still did not move, no matter how she scratched. Looking at Li Sicheng, he asked, “Why are you here?”

There was no way Li Sicheng would explain to him. He glanced at Rong Rui without talking to him. Looking to Cheng You, he said, “Ms. Cheng, I did not expect you to be so hardcore.”

Hearing that, Su Qianci tried to hold in her laughter and nudged her husband.

Cheng You immediately blushed. In addition to using her hands, she was even kicking Rong Rui and biting his hand.

He cringed, but maintained his smile and said to Li Sicheng and Su Qianci, “Excuse me. I must leave now to deal with our personal differences.”

Cheng You used all the strength she had, and could even taste blood. Rong Rui just would not let go. Hearing his words, she immediately felt a sense of crisis and released his hand.

Su Qianci saw the blood on his hand and felt a bit spooked. On the other hand, Li Sicheng was gazing at them, intrigued.

Cheng You yelled bitterly, “Save me, boss?”

Looking at Cheng You, Su Qianci pulled Li Sicheng’s sleeve and asked, “Is she going to be okay? Rong Rui will not beat her, right?”

After a moment of silence, Li Sicheng watched Cheng You being pulled away by Rong Rui. He looked down and said, “He will not beat her, but he might bite her back.”

“Really?” Su Qianci was startled and became worried. “Is Rong Rui such a terrible guy? Is he going to make her hand bleed as well?” Her hands were very pretty–elegant and smooth. If she was scared of that, that would be a shame.

“Not her hand.” Li Sicheng curled his lips and put an arm around her waist. “Let’s go. Daddy Song Yifan has walked far.”

“Then where? You said he was going to bite her back.” Su Qianci was dumbstruck.

“Where do I usually bite you?”

“Neck” she blurted out but quickly blushed. “No way. They had been going so fast?”

His smile deepened. He tapped her nose and whispered, “What are you thinking? We should go back now.”

She blushed, but couldn’t help looking in the direction of Cheng You and Rong Rui. Rong Rui was walking very fast. Quickly, they left the sightseeing area and went to a broad cobblestone street.

The street was lined with bronze sculptures the city was famous for. Many tourists were appreciating the sculptures when they saw a woman forced to go with a man. A lot of people cast glances at them.

Cheng You’s heart raced. She had been covering her face on the way. When she looked down and saw the marks she left on his hand, she felt a bit guilty and stuttered, “You You did that to yourself. You are the one who did not want to let go of me.”

Rong Rui stopped walking with no warning. Cheng You did not stop in time and leaned forward. Immediately, she was pulled back by Rong Rui.