The 99th Divorce Chapter 446

Chapter 446 How About Something Exciting

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Seeing his unkind look, she blinked and looked away.

“It hurts.” Rong Rui glanced at where she bit him. There was not a lot of blood. While they were walking, the blood had dried, but it still caused him great pain.

“You deserve it.”

“Your mom saw me pulling you away.”

She stared at him with her eyes wide. “How did you know?”

“I saw it.” Rong Rui said calmly. “And she saw you holding my arm.”

“I was biting you!” As she said that, she suddenly remembered that when she bit him, he moved his body slightly. Did it mean

“But from your mom’s angle, you were hugging me. In addition” Rong Rui glanced back and curled his lips. “They have followed us.”

This street was a bit far from the sightseeing area. She looked around and found no one. However, as she glanced around, a big hand suddenly reached over. He held her chin and pinned her against the wall. He bowed his head and kissed her.

She stared at him, her eyes wide, her heart beating like crazy. An indescribable throbbing overwhelmingly stole into her soul that had been empty for 26 years.

He gazed at her with his amber-colored eye, those eyes fixed upon her, and the tip of his tongue intruded her mouth, catching the soft sweetness that he had tasted once and found unforgettable.

Cheng You’s mother and aunt followed them and saw the two figures overlapping in the distance. Cheng You’s mother was thrilled and clapped her hands, gloating to her sister, “I told you that my Youyou is too pretty to be single. She did not even tell us about her boyfriend. I only found out today when this young man came to our family!”

Her sister looked envious and said, “you don’t say. That guy is quite handsome.”

“Oh, of course. Our Youyou is so pretty,” Cheng You’s mother said triumphantly. “Let’s go. Don’t bother them. We will have fun as well!”

Cheng you’s anger was unstoppable. On her almost flushed face, there was fury. She kicked at his leg. But no matter how hard she tried, Rong Rui did not move an inch. Her hands were held tight and couldn’t wiggle free. Instead, she gave herself pain and tears.

Suddenly, she thought of a trick. She first put her legs together, and immediately lifted her knee…

A big hand caught her knee. Rong Rui leaned in, his amber eyes were slightly blurred, and his voice was deep and husky. “This is yours in the future, are you sure you want to do that?”

Cheng You felt like she was being played, so she screamed, and struggled with all her three free limbs. But the strength of Rong Rui was so huge that she couldn’t move. He seemed to enjoy this feeling very much, whispering, “your face is so red.”

She was even more angry, and bit at his face.

Rong Rui shrank back and avoided her attack. Then, he released her knee and pinned her down. His breathing slightly rushed, he lowered his voice, making Cheng You feel inexplicably sexy against her will. He said, “such good physical strength. How about we do something more exciting?”