The 99th Divorce Chapter 447

Chapter 447 Look At My Hymen

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What did he want to do? Take her to the hotel again?

“Exciting my ass!” Cheng You was about to go crazy. This guy was a rogue, rogue, rogue! However, he was a good actor, and her parents were deceived. Tut!

“Full of embarrassing thoughts all day, why don’t you go die? Tang Mengying is like this now. Shouldn’t you have committed suicide already? You are an eyesore anyway!” Cheng You did not choose her words before she vented.

Rong Rui heard her words, and dangerously leaned closer to her. He pinched her face again. She clearly felt his anger. Her heartbeat was racing, and she was a little scared. However, her pride and dignity did not allow her to bow her head. She was Cheng You, the most effective assistant of Li Sicheng. Why should she be threatened by a nobody like Rong Rui? Staring back at him without hesitation, she tried to calm herself down.

After looking at her for a long time, he said, “I know that the idea was yours. The hunter told me.”

“What…what idea?” Cheng Yu said, only to find that she was so scared by him that she was stuttering. She wished she could bite her tongue in half out of regret.

“The plan of the house in Jiangzhou. Li Sicheng made the plan and you altered it. Originally, Li Sicheng really wanted to leave me to those bodyguards, and you stopped him, right?”

She heard that, and she dodged his gaze. She said, “I only found you pathetic. After being blinded by that bitch Tang Mengying, you got nothing in the end and couldn’t even get killed. That would be too miserable.”

“If the group of bodyguards really did that to me, then I would really have killed myself.” He caressed her smooth chin and said calmly, “no man will allow himself to be treated like that. I imagine this should be more embarrassing than a woman being gang banged.”

Well, it would be really miserable… When his small daisy turned into a sunflower Cheng You was horrified just thinking about it.

“So, I can say that you saved my life,” Rong Rui continued.

Cheng You’s lips twitched, stating, “so, are you going to thank me by offering yourself?”

“Yes, in the future, whether you admit it or not, I am yours.”

She saw that she had an advantage, and immediately admonished, “since you know that I am your savior, you should let me go right away. Maybe I’d let you be my bodyguard or something if I’m in a good mood. You are not treating your savior right!”

He directly ignored her words and calmly said, “you gave me your first.”

“So what? Tut! It’s just the hymen. I don’t care!” Cheng You said with contempt.

“But my first time was also to you. I cherish my man hymen.”

Cheng You bristled: “Men’s hymen? I have lived for so many years and it’s the first time I have heard that men have hymens! Who are you trying to fool?”

Rong Rui smiled and looked at her with his amber eyes. Then he put on a distressed look, “If I knew you would deny it, I should have let you look at it before penetration. It’s broken now, and I don’t even have a piece of evidence. How terrible!”