The 99th Divorce Chapter 448

Chapter 448 Swept Off Her Feet

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Cheng You said with contempt, “tut! What else can there be in addition to the urethra?”

“I didn’t expect you to be a good biology student.”

“Sure am. Let me go!”

“But how did your teacher teach you? Who said that there is no hymen for men, or shall we go back to the old place to review the process of its breaking?”

She was so annoyed that she wanted to kill him. This man, his skin was thicker than the wall, and his mouth was so bad that she was petrified with two or three sentences. And he had such a straight face. Tut!

With him leaning in, she stopped struggling and asked, “you really don’t want to let go?”

“In fact, I can let go of you. But how about at a different place?”

She was about to cry. She whispered, “Please, could you take it down a notch? Here is my hometown, there are too many people who know me. If people see us, how can I live here in the future?”

Rong Rui heard her words, looked down, and nodded. “That is also true.”

Cheng You saw his look and immediately nodded. “Look, I am such a beautiful girl who is like a flower, and it is not right for me to hook up in public with such a tall and mighty guy as you.”

He deeply agreed, nodded, and said thoughtfully, “if you are seen doing that in public, when the word gets out, you won’t be able to marry well in the future.”

She nodded harder. “Look, we don’t have the kind of population in your hometown or Kingstown. In such a small town, if the word gets out, would anyone still want me?”

“It turned out to be like this…”

“Yes!” She thought that she finally persuaded him, and she almost burst into tears. “So, mister, let me go, huh?”

“Okay.” Rong Rui finally released her.

Cheng You finally got her freedom. She rubbed her arm and saw that her hand was blue and purple. She couldn’t help feeling sullen. Her first reaction was to run, but Rong Rui was not gullible. She was lifted up by him like a chicken.

“Ahhhhh, you said you’d let me go. Why are you doing this?!”

“I said to let go of you, but I did not say I would let you go. Miss Cheng does not have a very good memory, right? Or do you have problems with hearing?” He took her back calmly and put his big hand directly across her waist, “Let’s go.”

“Move your hand!” Cheng You went to hit his hand.

Rong Rui glanced at her. “Let’s change the position then.” Then he swept her off her feet.

He was carrying her in his arms!

She struggled hard and shouted, “You are a rogue, you know, Rong Rui! F**k your family!”

“I am your family, welcome to f**k me. I will never resist.” He carried her, although she was struggling and almost managed to get away several times. He was unwilling to let go, striding toward the crowd with her in his arms. This woman was arrogant, wild, and difficult to tame. After all, it was because he did not conquer her. What a kitten she was in front of Li Sicheng!

Rong Rui knew that very well, and his eyes darkened when meeting her eyes. Soon he went out of the cobblestone road and arrived near the scenic spot. She became quiet and covered her face, for fear that others would see her. He smiled and said aloud, “Cheng You, what are we having for dinner?”