The 99th Divorce Chapter 449

Chapter 449 If You Are Unhappy You Can Fk Me

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Cheng You glanced at him and covered his mouth. Her face buried, she gritted her teeth and growled, “Shut up!”

Rong Rui’s mouth was covered. He lowered his eyes and saw the tip of her pink ear, feeling inexplicably good. The mouth that was shackled was tight, and he opened his mouth slightly, and touched her hand with the tip of his tongue.

Cheng You became stiff and took her hand back. But immediately, she felt she was tricked. She immediately covered his mouth again. His tongue became more flexible and danced on her palm. Licked for a bit, she finally couldn’t help taking her hand back. She secretly wanted to kill him.

Rong Rui laughed out loud and said with a low voice that only the two of them could hear, “I like to see you like this. If you are unhappy, you can f**k me.”

Cheng You reached out to pinch his chest hard.

He was in so much pain that his face was distorted, but he still shouted, “Cheng You, don’t touch me. Think about the bad influence!”

“Shut up!” She couldn’t listen to him. She struggled hard. “Animal, let me down!”

“Our alumni Cheng You?”

“Did the man shout Cheng You?”

“Hey, she’s a bit like Cheng You. Look at that short hair!”

“So she’s quite open! Look at how he carries her, so romantic!”

Cheng You felt mortified. She let go of his chest and snarled, “If you don’t let me down, I will call for help! Since we are together, you will be ashamed as well!”

“OK, I will.” Rong Rui was unexpectedly persuaded, letting her down.

She was a little embarrassed, but seeing the surprised look of her schoolmates, she wished she could find a place to hide. She kicked him before running away. He was stunned by the pain, frowning and inhaling. He turned to her schoolmates and said, “she’s just being childish.” Then he ran after her.

The school girls were mesmerized. “Ah! Cheng You’s boyfriend is so handsome!”

“So gentle, so good to her!”

“Hey, different people have different lives!”

Cheng You had never been so humiliated. Growing up, she had always been treated like a princess. Her parents, classmates, and colleagues all respected her, because she was sensible and diligent. It was the first time this had happened to her. So shameful, so shameful! The more she thought about it, the worse she felt. While running, she sobbed.

Rong Rui’s legs were much longer than hers. Catching up, he took her hand. “Hey.” As she looked back, he clearly saw her red eyes.

“Don’t touch me!” She was so angry that she threw his hand away.

He saw that she was crying and felt confused. He raised his hands to surrender. With half a smile, he said, “just kidding. Are you really mad?”

She did not answer him and ran away. He followed her at a distance. Seeing her enter a public ladies’ room, he immediately stopped, waiting for her outside. The toilet in the crowded area did not smell very good. After waiting for more than half an hour, Rong Rui still did not see Cheng You come out. Finally, he couldn’t help asking a woman who was going to the toilet to help him look for Cheng You.

The woman looked at him strangely and said, “Young man, the female toilet has a back door, so she could go out that way.”