The 99th Divorce Chapter 450

Chapter 450 I Found Out The True Identity Of Rong Xuan

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So it meant Cheng You had already gotten away. Rong Rui was stunned, and then smiled helplessly. “This woman…”

Song Yifan suggested that the couple stay at his home, and said he would take them around the next day.

Li Sicheng originally did not intend to agree, but when he saw Su Qianci’s tired look, he still said yes. However, they did not choose to stay with Song Yifan, but drove the car to the five-star hotel they saw on the way. The car was handed over to the doorman, and he asked for a suite with his wife.

As soon as she entered the room, she took off her shoes and socks, and fell asleep with her face down. He had no choice but to take off her thick clothes and put her flat on the bed. He heard that pregnant women would have a difficult time with vomiting the first trimester. He had no idea what other pregnant women were like, but this woman only threw up a few times on the way to Dan City. She seemed no different from usual other than snoozing all the time. She ate and drank as usual. She ate whatever he did, and not particular about food at all.

After tucking her in, Li Sicheng went to the bathroom to take a shower and gave their laundry to the room service staff for dry cleaning. Then he put on the hotel’s silk gown. After taking care of everything and going back to the room, he found that his cell phone was ringing, and Su Qianci was still asleep.

He couldn’t help smiling. The call was from Luo Zhan.

“Hey, Sicheng?”

“Well, have you found out about it?”

“Yes, I found out that this woman is surnamed Yang, and her full name is Yang Rongxuan. She seems to be a mentor at the Capital Art Center, so it was really easy to get the result. What’s more interesting is that she and Tang Mengying’s help seem to be related. Could you guess what is their relationship?”

“You mean Rong Rui?”

“Yes, that guy! Rong Rui has an uncle called Rong Haiyue. Like your father, he is a major general. This Yang Rongxuan is the wife of Rong Haiyue. They have given birth to a daughter called Rong Anna.”

“Rong Haiyue’s wife?” His brows were deeply knitted.

“Any problems?”

“Can you find out more about Yang Rongxuan’s previous life? It would be best to find out about what she did more than 20 years ago.”

“Why are you digging so deep?” Luo Zhan asked, and immediately thought of something. “Do you suspect that she is the biological mother of Su Qianci?”


“I got it. I will try my best, but I can only check the records on the Internet. For other things, you still have to get a professional to check after the holidays.”

“I know. Thanks so much.”

Luo Zhan hesitated, thinking. Hell, was that even something Li Sicheng would say? “When will you return to Kingstown? Ou Ming said that he wants to throw his woman a birthday party, and we all have to go.”

“What does his woman’s birthday party have to do with me?”

“Hey, you can’t say that. Your wife used to be her classmate. And don’t you think they were pretty close? Ou Ming’s woman is rarely close to someone, and isn’t it also true for your wife? We need to show up for respect, right?”

“Okay, I know. When?”

“On the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, ahem, right… can you invite Cheng You as well?”