The 99th Divorce Chapter 451

Chapter 451 Cheng You Must Be Blind?

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“Cheng You?” Li Sicheng slightly raised his eyebrows as he guessed something.

Luo Zhan once again cleared his throat. His cheeks were reddish, and his eyes drifted away. “Yes, after all, it is a birthday party. The more the merrier. Your assistant is smart and beautiful. She will definitely be a great addition to the party. Don’t you think so?”

“Just give up. You can’t get her.”

Luo Zhan was the kind of guy who could be a friend for a woman, but when it came to relationships… He could not compete with Rong Rui. There was just no way.

But Luo Zhan was not convinced and asked, “why? Is it so hard to woo her? And I am not bad looking. Although I stay indoors quite a bit, it is fair to say I am a tall and handsome guy. Why can’t I get her?”

“It seems that someone has beaten you to it.”


“Rong Rui.”

Rong Rui. Rong Rui, again! Luo Zhan hit the table and roared, “this guy must be deliberately challenging me. In the first two rounds, he did not manage to win. Now he’s trying to steal my woman. Dammit!”

After a moment of silence, Li Sicheng asked jokingly, “you have been working with Cheng You for so long, so is there a spark?”

Luo Zhan became silent, and his anger was unstoppable. He argued, “that’s because I did not try. If I tried earlier, she would definitely be conquered by my charm sooner or later!” After he said that, Luo Zhan clearly heard the sound of Li Sicheng chuckling. “Hey, hello, are you a brother to me or not? Why are you favoring an outsider? I don’t care, you have to bring Cheng You to me, otherwise… I won’t work for you in the future. I will see what you can do.”

Li Sicheng raised his eyebrows. Without being angered, he asked, “are you threatening me?”

Luo Zhan was a bit embarrassed. To be honest, if he did not work for Li Sicheng, he would be the one who suffered more losses.

However, under such circumstances, it was impossible to for him to puss out. So, he braced himself to say, “yes, I am threatening you. Anyway, just bring Cheng You to me!”

“Well, I will try,” Li Sicheng responded, apparently in a good mood.

When Luo Zhan was about to let out a sigh of relief, Li Sicheng said, “you will not be paid for this job. A favor for a favor. Go find out about Rong Xuan now.”

“Damn!” Luo Zhan cried, “you shameless profiteer! You…” Before his words were finished, Li Sicheng had hung up. Dammit, the evil capitalist!

Luo Zhan took the mouse and started to search for the information, but the more he thought, the more angry he became. “Why is Rong Rui always going against me. Is Cheng You blind?”

“Atishoo!” Cheng You was wearing pajamas and sitting on the sofa, watching a reality show. Happily peeling a sweet orange, she laughed hard, suddenly sneezed, and rubbed her nose. “Who is cursing me in the New Year?” She then heard the phone ringing. It was her mother.

“Hey, Youyou, I am downstairs. I just slipped while walking. It hurts very badly!”

Cheng You was shocked. She immediately sat up on the sofa, quickly put on her slippers and ran out. “Mom, hang in there. I am coming!”

Her home was on the second floor, but when she went downstairs and wandered around, her mother was nowhere to be seen. She took her phone and dialed her mother’s number, but her mother’s phone was powered off.