The 99th Divorce Chapter 452

Chapter 452 Want To Leave After Taking Advantage?

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Cheng You’s heart was in her throat. It was beating fast.

At that time, a man wearing a navy down jacket approached her. He was walking steadily and calmly. It was none other than Rong Rui. She saw him and felt like she had bad luck. She immediately turned around and went upstairs. However, when she went downstairs, she did not close the door. Now she was back, it was actually locked up. The phone suddenly rang, and it was the landline at home. She immediately picked up, panting.

“Youyou, today I’m going to enjoy the world of two with your dad. It’s not really convenient for you to be here. Just look for a place to stay. That’s it. Mom loves you. Muah!” After that, the call was ended.

Cheng You was dumbfounded. What about falling and hurting? What the heck was the world of two? And where did she learn to muah? Hearing the calm and gentle footsteps behind her, she finally understood that she was sold!

“S**t…” She kicked the door hard. “Cheng Zhanxiong, Wang Chunhua, open the door for me! You can’t sell your daughter out like this. That is not kind or faithful!”

Uncle Wang next door opened the door, and when he glanced over, he asked jokingly, “Youyou, quarreling with your parents?”

Cheng You was so mad she gasped. Hearing the words of Uncle Wang, she calmed herself down and shook her head. “No. Good night, Uncle Wang it.”

“Hey, is this your boyfriend?” Uncle Wang pointed to Rong Rui behind her.

Before she answered, Rong Rui meekly nodded and said, “yes.”

“Well, he looks great and perfect for you. Have a good rest, goodnight.”

She quickly explained, “you misunderstood…”

“Goodnight, Uncle Wang,” Rong Rui interrupted her and said to Uncle Wang.

She was so angry that kicked him several times. However, because of the cotton slippers she was wearing, she did not cause any pain.

He ignored her behavior and said calmly, “your mother asked me to take care of you, so I came.”

“Take care my ass!”

“Alright, come back to the capital with me, I will give you this opportunity.”

“Get lost! I don’t want to see you. Rong Rui, why are you so annoying?!”

“But I really want to see you, I said I am yours, now and always.”

“Tut! I don’t want you!”

“That’s not right. Are you trying to leave after taking advantage of me? It should not be that easy. How about some sense of responsibility?”

“I said, I don’t want to you to be responsible for anything!”

“But I want you to be responsible for me,” Rong Rui looked at her with a look of grievances, “I used to be a virgin, and you want to leave after popping my cherry? If anyone knew about this, how can I show up in places?”

“Get lost!” Cheng You had never hated a person so much. Had she known he was such a stalker, she would not have slept with him. Now she regretted it so much that her intestines had turned green!

He did not speak. Looking at her thin pajamas, he asked, “are you not cold?”

“How is that your business? F**k off!”

He took off his coat and wanted to put it on her, but seeing her take a half-step back unconsciously, he stopped his moves. Simply throwing the coat to her, he said, “then I will go, but your mother won’t open the door for you.”