The 99th Divorce Chapter 453

Chapter 453 Sold By Her Parents

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“She is my mother, not yours! Get lost!” Cheng You never realized that her temper was so bad. When she told him to get lost repeatedly, Rong Rui acted nicely enough. Seeing that he was really gone, she threw the coat into the trash can. She turned around and hit the doorbell like crazy. She did that for a few minutes, but there were still no signs of anyone opening the door. The temperature was dropping.

Cheng You started to feel cold, shivering. Her gaze fell on the coat in the trash can. The garbage bag was new. It should have just been changed, and nothing was inside. When she was wondering if she should pick it up, the neighbor opened the door. Carrying two garbage bags, the neighbor threw them into the trashcan and gave her a weird look before going back.

Cheng You wanted to cry, as she finally realized that she had what was called a death wish! Turning around and continuing to ring the doorbell shivering, she screamed in a broken voice, “mom, my mother, my good mother, be kind and open the door for your daughter!”

No response.

She continued to shout, “dad, my good father, I am your daughter. Are you abandoning me as well?”

Her father felt so bitter that he almost got up to open the door to her. However, seeing his wife’s warning look, he sat down.

“Am I even related to you?! Why are you doing this to me? I will freeze to death!”

No response.

Her nose had turned red and started to run. Holding her arms, she walked to the stairwell and sat down, staring at the door. After she kept her eyes on it for minutes, there was no change. “What the hell!” She stood up and went downstairs, annoyed.

There was a 24-hour convenience store at the entrance of the neighborhood. She asked for a cup of hot coffee. When she took out her cell phone to pay for it, the battery was as low as 1%.

Staring with her eyes wide, she shouted, “Hurry, it’s dying!”

The waiter quickly took up the scanner, but it was still too late.

“Dammit!” She was going crazy, and slammed her phone on the table, scaring the waiter.

“How much is the coffee?” A calm and deep male voice rang behind Cheng You, and she immediately looked back. Sure enough, him!

“Oh, are you talking about this lady’s?”



Rong Rui gave the cash and found that she was staring at him. He glanced at her outfit with a half smile. “Where’s the coat I gave you?”

“I threw it away!” Taking the coffee and her phone, she found a warm place to sit down and said, “I will pay you back the coffee money, and I will pay you for the coat. How much is it?”

He did not answer, but took off the scarf from around his neck and unfolded it. The scarf became a shawl. She looked at it and blinked. He put the big scarf on her carefully. It seemed that he was somewhat cautious.

She did not refuse and let him put it on her, shrinking into it comfortably. So much warmer! The scarf carried his scent. Drinking her coffee, she looked down and said, “I will pay you back. How much should it be?”

“Can you afford it?” Rong Rui looked at her, slightly upset. “If everything can be compensated with money, there will be not so much grievance in the world, Miss Cheng.”