The 99th Divorce Chapter 454

Chapter 454 What Did She Take Him For?

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Cheng You knew what he wanted and felt a bit humiliated by his words. He thought that for a cup of coffee, a coat, and a scarf, she would sleep with him?

Ha ha…

She put the cup on the table, pulled the scarf off her body and threw it back at him. Then, she took the coffee to the checkout counter. She said with an ingratiating smile, “hello, I am the resident of 203. My name is Cheng You. I used to call the delivery service here all the time. I don’t have cash on me now, can I…”

“Enough!” Rong Rui strode over and pulled her hand. “That is enough. Follow me.”

Cheng You was caught off guard, and most of the coffee was spilled on her hand. She gasped, being burned by the hot liquid. He also knew that his reaction was a bit much, but his anger was getting more and more fierce. What did she take him for? It was obvious that he was right in front of her to be relied on. And she still thought of borrowing money from a girl she did not know?

Reaching out and taking a pack of paper towels on the counter, Rong Rui took the coffee from her hand and took out a piece to wipe her hand. She got rid of him and stared at him, striding out of the convenience store.

It was the worst luck ever! If it weren’t for him, she should be watching TV comfortably at home now. How could she be driven out by her parents?

Rong Rui took out a note and put it on the counter without even looking at it before he immediately caught up with her.

The wind was blowing hard, and Cheng You was wearing only her long-sleeved lavender pajamas. In the cold wind, she shivered, crossing her arms

He came behind her and put the scarf on her rashly. Then, he immediately took off his sweater, grabbed her, and pulled it down.

She was hurt by his rough movements and shouted, “what are you doing?!”

Rong Rui did not speak, directly picked up her hand, and put it into the sleeve of the sweater. After she was dressed, he pulled the scarf off her and wrapped it around her neck. Maybe it was because how rough he was or her grievance all night, but she choked up.

Rong Rui pulled her and walked in front, moving fast. She couldn’t catch up. While running, she dropped a slipper. “My shoe!” She exclaimed. Rong Rui stopped, only to find out that she did not even wear socks!

The anger came out of nowhere. He immediately screamed, “what are you doing?! Why are you not wearing socks? Are you keeping them to eat later?!”

Cheng You was confused and angered at the same time. Panting, she yelled back, “what are you yelling at me for? Are you so proud that you wear socks? Show me how you can eat them! F**king idiot, let go of me!”

His hand was thrown away, and he saw her go back to pick up her shoe. In the cold wind, her thin body was covered with a large sweater. The clothes that fit him reached the middle of her thighs, looking funny and cute. His anger disappeared.

She didn’t want to see him. After putting on her shoe, she turned and walked in the opposite direction.

He felt helpless and shouted, “Hey!”

Cheng You ignored him, and Rong Rui pulled his final stunt, “then you have to return the clothes to me at least. I’m freezing!”