The 99th Divorce Chapter 456

Chapter 456 Fast As A Machine

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“But, but…”

“What’s the matter? It is a king-sized bed, you can have half of it. Is it enough?”

Cheng You clearly saw the smile on the face of the cashiers. She couldn’t help flushing, no matter thick her skin was. After getting the ID card number, the cashier checked it and invited them to stay.

Once in the room, Rong Rui went straight into the bathroom, and soon, she heard water running.

Her heart leapt as she got nervous. He, he, he… he went to take a shower! However, what should she do? Should she take a shower as well? She struggled for a moment, took off his sweater and folded it, then placed it on the chair. The air conditioner in the room was on, and she felt that she was finally comfortable and warm. She first charged her phone, and then saw the shameful reminder on the bedside: There were safety supplies in the drawer.


Seeing the supplies, Cheng You’s face was a little red.

There were a few bottles of mineral water on the table in the room. She unscrewed one of the bottles and drank half of it. After that, she noticed that the sound of the water in the bathroom had stopped. She was startled. She quickly screwed the bottle cap up, picked up her cell phone,and pretended to play with the phone. However, her phone did not respond. Pressing the power button hard, she saw there was still no response.

She thought of when she slammed the phone on the counter at the convenience store No way, was the quality really that bad?

When the bathroom door was opened, she froze, her heartbeat going as fast as a machine. Rong Rui came out in beige plaid pajamas. Obviously, it was his own. He was drying his hair with a towel. He saw she had turned her back to him and said, “hey, go take a shower.”

“I… I’m not going to. There’s nothing for me to wear.” Her face was burning as she stuttered.

“So dirty. And you smell!”

“Liar!” She stood up and turned to look at him. She confidently raised her head. “I just showered at home!”

“Then you can sleep on the floor. If you don’t take a bath, I won’t sleep with you.” He dried his hair and sat down on the bed.

“Sleeping on the floor is fine!”

Who wanted to sleep with him? Shameless! She pouted and really sat down on the carpet, trying to fix her cell phone.

After a long while of silence, he said, “hey, I am joking.”

Cheng You ignored him.

“Come up, it is dirty on the floor.”

She still ignored him.

He simply sighed and got up, yanking her up from the back. She let out a yelp. When she realized what had happened, she was thrown onto the bed. The big bed bounced slightly.

He put a blanket over her. “Go to sleep!”

Cheng You was blinded by the blanket and annoyed. “You are f**king sick. Don’t you know you can scare people to death like this!”

Rong Rui did not speak, took the blanket down, laid it flat, and lay down himself. She was lying on the side of the corner, holding her arms, with just a corner of the blanket over her, for fear that he would suddenly attack.

“Don’t go so far. I won’t eat you. Come over.”

Cheng You pretended not to hear, but Rong Rui directly reached out and pulled her straight to the center of the bed…