The 99th Divorce Chapter 457

Chapter 457 A Terrible Conjecture About Her Family

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Su Qianci slept very well in his arms, and suddenly laughed in her sleep. Li Sicheng was looking for information with his mobile phone, and hearing her sudden laughter, he could not help but laugh.

She woke herself up,opened her eyes and noticed his posture, then smiled bigger. Putting an arm around his waist, she shrank into his embrace.

“What did you dream about,” he threw the phone aside and asked her, “laughing so happily?”

She laughed again. Staying in his arms and keeping herself warm, she said, “I dreamed that I gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, but you only like to hold the girl, so the boy climbed on top of your head and pooped, hahaha…”

He tapped on her nose and whispered, “then I will kick his little a**. The little guy is too naughty.” But after saying that, for some reason, he thought it might come true. Looking at her belly, he put his hand on it and asked helplessly, “how come it is just more than a month?”

“Yeah, time is not flying.” Su Qianci also touched her belly. Very flat, if you didn’t look at it closely, you would not even notice the change.

“When does the first trimester pass? It’s really hard…”

Mortified, she threw a punch at him. “Can’t you think about something else?”

He smiled, reached out, and grabbed her hand. He put his leg on top of hers and spoke in his deep voice, a bit of a smile on his lips, “of course, I will have two boys and one girl, and train our sons to be the protectors of our daughter.”

“Do you really prefer girls for real?”

“I like whatever you give birth to.”

“What about a boy versus a girl?”

“A girl.” Li Sicheng did not hesitate. “She will definitely be like you.”

“But I want to have a boy like you.”

“Well, you can have two boys.”

“Family planning!”

“I could afford the fine. Not afraid at all.”

Su Qianci chuckled. This was called wanton with fortune.

“Are you not tired, having been driving and walking for so long?”

“Not tired. Right, we figured out Rong Xuan’s matter.” He repeated the things that Luo Zhan had just told him, which made her feel dumbstruck.

“Yang Rongxuan?”

“Yes, so Daddy Song couldn’t find her in so many years. Not because she died, but because she has changed her identity, and… she is the wife of Rong Haiyue. With what Daddy Song and Sheng Ximing could do, they would not be able to dig into someone around him.”

Her eyes were wide open. “No way? Rong Haiyue’s wife is Rong Xuan?”

“Well, the specific relationship is still uncertain. On the sixth day of lunar new year, I will take you to the capital to thank him in person, and ask him a few questions?”

She had always wanted to visit and thank him. After all, her life was saved by Rong Haiyue. However, such news was tantamount to a bomb. Song Yifan was not her biological father, and Rong Haiyue was the husband of Rong Xuan, so was it possible…

“Don’t think about it.” Li Sicheng put his hand on her face. “This possibility is very small. Rong Haiyue can’t let his flesh and blood wander around. Now, sleep.”

Su Qianci pouted. “How do you know what I am thinking?”

“Because I have also thought about this, but the chance is so slim that we should not think about it right now. Now be good and sleep.”