The 99th Divorce Chapter 458

Chapter 458 Late At Night A Man And A Woman..

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“Ok.” Su Qianci closed her eyes, but she couldn’t sleep. Looking up, she saw his pair of dark eyes. She pursed her lips, raised her eyes, and kissed him. “Goodnight.”

“A goodnight kiss is not like this.” Li Sicheng held her head, sucked on her lips, and deepened the kiss.

She hugged him back, mesmerized and panting. With a blush, she looked down and did not dare to move. He held her, his eyes closed and lips slightly curled.

On the other hand, in another room in Yijing Bay, Rong Rui pulled Cheng You to the center of the bed and tucked her in. He turned off the light and did not move again.

She quietly moved to the side, her back stiffened. She was finally relieved until she heard even breathing from the other side. Dammit… too exciting! She quietly climbed up and looked for the bottle of mineral water she just drank from in the dark.

Her vision was great during the day, but at night… she was basically blind. It was dark everywhere, and Cheng You looked for the table with a hand on the wall. Accidentally, her toes were tripped by the edge of the carpet, and she immediately fell forward. The sound of falling was especially obvious in the quiet night.

She almost called out, but immediately covered her mouth and climbed up. She threw a glance back and saw nothing. He shouldn’t be up, right? Slowly looking for the table, she finally touched the water bottles. She lifted them up one by one and found the lightest one before she drank it up.

As she felt her way back, she avoided the carpets and reached out to touch the edge of the bed. Be careful, be careful However, just as she walked around her spot on the bed and was ready to climb up, her hand felt a hot body. She was shocked and immediately took her hand back, but at the same time, a big hand pulled her down.

Cheng You exclaimed as she was lifted up and then held tight. “Rong Rui!” She growled, but he was not reacting.

Then she suddenly remembered that when he had just been imprisoned by Li Sicheng, he had warned her, “I am a sleepwalker, so you better not be here, or even if I kill you, I will not receive a life sentence.”

No way! This guy was sleepwalking now? His breathing was still very even. She struggled a little and found that she could not move at all.

“Hey, let go!” Cheng You felt a bit spooked. It was the first time she had ever seen a sleepwalker, and this sleepwalker was lying with her now, which was too dangerous! What if she was half-asleep and killed? Feeling anxious, Cheng You lifted his hand and removed it.

Rong Rui moved, moaned, and buried his head right in her chest Shocked, she was writhing and struggling madly, shouting, “Dammit! You pervert Rong Rui! Go away! Don’t think I won’t castrate you as you sleepwalk!”

Sleepwalking? Rong Rui’s lips curled quietly. He initially just wanted to pretend to be asleep. Since she gave him such a good excuse, he had no reason not to take it…