The 99th Divorce Chapter 459

Chapter 459 Would You Let Me Sleep

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Letting her push him away, Rong Rui pretended to be a little sleepy. He opened his eyes with some annoyance, “what are you doing in the middle of the night? Would you let me sleep?”

Cheng You choked, but then she angrily kicked him and roared, “you a**hole!”

He looked innocent and shouted, “what did I do? I was woken up by you while I was sleeping well. Why are you kicking me? I am so wronged!”

“Tut! I think you did it on purpose. You know what you did!”

“What did I do to you?”

“You hugged me!”

“Well, it’s not like I have never done that before. And then?”

“And then…” Her voice paused and she asked, “how do you know there is something afterwards? You did it on purpose, right?”

“It’s not that you haven’t been hugged before. You won’t be so emotional if that is the case.”

She stopped, not knowing what to say for a while. She won’t be so emotional… Was that a compliment? “And then you…”

Put your head in my breasts!

But in this case, she couldn’t figure out how to say it. Pulling the blanket over, she turned around and decided not to pay him any attention.

He secretly smiled, but he pretended to be annoyed. “Ridiculous!”

After about ten minutes, Cheng You also fell asleep. Rong Rui turned and sneaked close, touching her waist. She whimpered quietly, turned over and continued to sleep. He saw her turn over and gently leaned over, reaching out and holding her in his arms gently How he wanted to sleepwalk! But… Rong Rui held back his desire.

Take it easy.

Cheng You didn’t realize that she was in his arms and slept until dawn. When she woke up, she opened her eyes and saw his plaid pajamas. Wide-eyed, she pushed him violently. She immediately sat up and lifted the blanket to check her body.

So far so good…

Rong Rui chuckled, but he quickly stopped himself, turned to get up, and threw a paper bag on the chair to her. She was shocked. Taking a look, she found out that it was an outfit. Everything she needed… She glanced at the bra and found that the size was actually… exactly hers.

“Where is it from?” And the size was quite right!

“I called someone to get it. The size should be OK. Try it on.” Rong Rui yawned. Seeing her slightly surprised eyes, he explained, “they asked me what your bra size is, and I was no expert. So I gestured about yea big.” As he said that, he grabbed the air with five fingers arching.

She suddenly blushed, picked up the pillow and threw it toward him, roaring, “get lost!”

Su Qianci slept until the next morning. When she woke up, she felt a bit sick. Rushing to the toilet, she tried to vomit but nothing came out.

Li Sicheng followed her inside and patted her on the back, asking, “is it very uncomfortable?”

She waved her hand and quickly pushed him out. After the couple finished washing, they were ready to go downstairs to have breakfast. When she came out of the door, she saw Cheng You and Rong Rui coming in the hallway.

Cheng You saw her and immediately turned around, covering her face.

“Hey, Miss Cheng!” Su Qianci greeted him and looked at them teasingly. “So you were together last night?”