The 99th Divorce Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Lawfully Married

Toned upper body, bulging abdominal muscles, the towel around his waist, the water drops on his tanned skin

As he approached her, Su Qianci felt the room suddenly became warmer, making her mouth dry. She subconsciously moved back and cleared her throat. "Although we are married, we have only met twice before we had the wedding. So I don't think we know each other well enough. Let's keep our distance for now."

Seeing how she acted, Li Sicheng's eyes lit up and then became calm again.

Seeing that he was silent, Su Qianci felt a bit nervous and said again, "So I think it would be better if we sleep separately. You would like that as well, wouldn't you?"

Li Sicheng nodded, his curly hair still dripping. He looked so sexy! Su Qianci blushed. As he nodded, she was relaxed again. She was worried that he might say no. After all, many things had been different from her last lifetime. If this mysterious guy was in a bad mood and turned her down, there was nothing she could do. After all, they were lawfully married. Luckily, he was still that person. No matter how erratic he was, he hated her after all. On that thought, Su Qianci became relaxed and kept moving her stuff back.

After more than half an hour, Su Qianci was eventually done. Then she took a bath, and it was already 8 o'clock when she finished. She saw three unanswered calls on her cell phone. It was Nanny Rong.

Nanny Rong was a servant sent from the old house. She came to Li Sicheng's place to take care of their everyday life. Since Nanny Rong had her own family, she went home at 7 o'clock.

Su Qianci called back and heard Nanny Rong's worried voice, "Madam, did sir eat?"

"I do not know."

"How can you not know that? Madam, he has stomach problems. If he does not eat properly, his stomach would hurt. Madam, please cook him something. If he is starved, it is not okay. Madam?"

Su Qianci frowned and said, "All right." She hung up, dried her hair slowly, and then walked to the kitchen. She opened the fridge, took out some raw materials, and made him a bowl of noodle soup. A while later, Su Qianci went to the main bedroom and knocked on the door.

"Mr. Li?"

No one answered. When she walked inside, the room was empty. He was not there. Su Qianci suddenly thought of a place, his study! Li Sicheng occasionally would take his unfinished work back home. However, that would only happen when his relatives were around. If not, Li Sicheng would prefer working at his office to coming back home.

Remembering how busy he had been in her previous lifetime, Su Qianci felt it was very likely for Li Sicheng to be in the study at this point. Trying her luck, Su Qianci took the tray to the study and knocked on the door.

"Mr. Li?"

Su Qianci could hear him speaking through the door. He might be on the phone. When she was about to knock again, the door was opened from inside. However, the door opened outwards. The door knocked on Su Qianci's tray, and scorching soup was immediately spilled on her.