The 99th Divorce Chapter 460

Chapter 460 We Were Both Very Comfortable Last Night

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Cheng You’s face was wrinkled as she squeezed out a smile and turned around. “Hey boss lady, he came to Dan City for the first time, so I came to give him a tour, he he he…”

“Oh… So that is the case?” Su Qianci pursed her lips and sneered.

“Of course, ha ha, isn’t that right?” Cheng You smiled and looked at Rong Rui, her look full of threats.

He did not change his look and nodded. “Well, last night, we were both very comfortable.”

She was embarrassed and forced a smile. “Mr. Rong, be careful when you talk.” Although she was smiling, her hand reached behind Rong Rui and pinched him on the waist.

He frowned. Looking innocent, he said with a smile, “what did I say wrong?”

“I didn’t expect that Miss Cheng and Mr. Rong are on such good terms.” Li Sicheng walked out from inside, holding his wife’s purse.

Su Qianci took her purse and put it over her shoulder. Grabbing Cheng You’s hand, she said, “let’s go and have breakfast together.”

Cheng You could not wait to stay away from Rong Rui, so she quickly followed Su Qianci. However, the shoes she was wearing were those that Rong Rui asked the hotel staff to get for her, so they were a little bit small. Her toes hurt as she walked.

Li Sicheng and Rong Rui followed the ladies. Rong Rui held his arms and said, “When are you going back to Kingstown?”


“Your supercar looks like a modified four-seat.”

Li Sicheng had guessed what he wanted to do, curled his lips and asked, “one person?”

“Cheng You as well.”


Ahead of them, Su Qianci had found a table and sat down with Cheng You, looking at the menu and starting to order. Soon, tea was served, and dishes were ordered. Li Sicheng started to talk to Cheng You about the birthday of Yu Lili.

Cheng You drank some tea and agreed without hesitation, “sure. When?”

“The night after tomorrow,” Li Sicheng said quietly and took his wife’s teacup away. “Don’t drink tea. Water is better.”

Su Qianci pouted, but she could only take a cup of boiled water and watched them drink the sweet Tie Guanyin.

“So soon.” Cheng You felt a little surprised and counted with her fingers. “The fifth day of lunar new year?”

“Yeah.” Dishes were served in succession. Li Sicheng dipped small dumpling into vinegar before putting it into her bowl, reminding, “be careful of the soup inside. It is very hot.”

“Oh.” Su Qianci blew at it and took a bite.

Rong Rui listened to them and didn’t speak. His amber-colored eyes became darker, full of deep emotions. He seemed to carelessly get a dumpling for himself. “They will return to Kingstown tonight. Let’s go together, Cheng You.”

“I’m afraid my mom won’t let me go back so soon. I will go back later and ask.”

If Cheng You mentioned it herself, her mother would not agree. However, if it was Rong Rui, the result would be different.

Rong Rui knew that very well but said nothing. He asked Li Sicheng, “shall we meet here at night?”

“Sure.” Li Sicheng took a bite out of his dumpling.

Su Qianci finished the small dumpling and used her chopsticks to get herself some glutinous rice chicken in lotus leaf.“We are going back to my father’s later. Does Miss Cheng live close? We could drop you off.”

“Okay!” Cheng You was overjoyed. “Thank you, Qianci.”

Rong Rui frowned with discontent. But he said nothing after all.